Microsoft Access Experts

Our experience includes years of experience building custom database business solutions with MS Access

Small Business Software

Looking for a program or website for your business? We have developed over 500 successful custom business systems. We can tailor your perfect solution increasing your productivity.

Migrations & Upgrades

At Phoenix Consultants Group we create custom software applications and web applications to address your most complex business processes and needs. When pre-programmed box software solutions are either insufficient or do not yet exist, our personalized software consulting services can guide you to the perfect software solution for your business needs.

Web Design

We create database driven websites and host those sites on our secure servers. Joomla Specialists. Never worry about your website again.

Secure Private Hosting

We specialize in creating custom websites complete with the search engine recognition pages that will allow you to rise to the top in engines such as Google and Yahoo. We understand how vitally important it is to maintain your good position on the web, and we know how to keep you there! Additionally, we host our clients on our own private and secure servers.

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Microsoft Access Experts Microsoft Access Experts
Small Business Software Small Business Software
Migrations & Upgrades Migrations & Upgrades
Web Design Web Design
Secure Private Hosting Secure Private Hosting

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Fortune 500

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Microsoft Access Expert SupportMany businesses are over-reliant on outdated and, sometimes, quite error-prone spreadsheets. At Phoenix Consultants Group we provide Access development and support services to facilitate increased productivity and profitability. Our Access expert services are broadly split into two areas: new application development and business application support.


New Application Development

With experience with hundreds of custom-designed applications, bespoke to individual businesses, we have tremendous hands on and hands off expertise with Access. We offer our clients wide and deep experience, superb attention to detail, and excellent understanding of the business logic of each and every business. We provide applications that are tailored towards achieving business outcomes, expert integration services, development of reporting and scheduling functionality and back office automation.

Business Application Support

Our database experts offer in-person and remote support for all your application requirements. They can repair your systems, fix bugs, integrate new functionality and features, tune application performance, and provide updates and maintenance.

At Your Disposal

Our teams are at your disposal to the level of input you require. We work with some organizations on a complete outsource basis, in which we take over the development and ongoing maintenance of their Microsoft Access systems and databases. With other companies, we take a consultative approach in which we feed into the process with the organization’s in-house teams.

Our services are affordable, comprehensive, and designed for you. With decades of experience in the industry, we know how to create solutions that make a real business impact.

Perhaps our greatest added value is our ability to understand your organization and your business logic and implement solutions that add real value. We often find with our clients that we are able to enhance their planning and therefore deliver better implementation. This produces better-rounded, more effective information technology outcomes.


Partnering with you, Not just Working for you

Technology continues to play an ever increasing roll in organizations.  We understand how difficult it is for software projects to be managed internally.  At the same time, there is a reluctance to engage an outside company that might not share the same values or have the same considerations for your company goals and purposes. 

At Phoenix Consultants Group, we become more than just another outside vendor – we build our relationships with you as partners in your endeavors to make your business more successful. We want to act as an extension of your company, partnering to insure that your software initiatives and goals are met.  

You can learn more about how we partner with you here.


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Allison Woolbert
Allison Woolbert CEO
With 35+ years of experience, Allison has developed hundreds of programs for business, non-profits, fortune 500 and corporations. She has extensive experience in programming, data management, analysis, management and servers.
Debbie Duncan
Debbie Duncan Vice President
Debbie is has a 50 year career in customer management and systems. Her skills include:.
* Communicator of the Year
* National Grammar Association
* Spanish Inquisitor
* Non-Profit Guru
Alicia Woolbert
Alicia Woolbert Junior Programmer
We love Alicia's inventiveness, thinking outside the box and all around perspective for our clients.
Creativity, out of the box thinking, attention to your details and above all accuracy for your projects. Expertise includes VB.NET and Access
Molly Chief Mascot
Molly is a Red Lored Amazon Parrot Her skills include:
Says 'Hello!'
Mumbles repeatedly in a foreign language
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