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Establishing and enhancing your corporate visibility is a job well suited for Phoenix Consultants Group. Developing a presence on the internet provides your business with great potential success and profits. As the internet continues to expand, more and more individuals will search exclusively for products and services on the web. Phoenix recognizes the importance of making your presence known in this vastly technologically driven world.

We specialize in creating custom websites complete with the search engine recognition pages that will allow you to rise to the top in engines such as Google and Yahoo. We understand how vitally important it is to maintain your good position on the web, and we know how to keep you there!

Phoenix is well established in creating custom web applications for your important data driven sites. We write most software in ASP.NET and utilize a secure server with SQL Server on our premises. Creating data intensive applications is a specialty field. Many companies profess to know the ins and outs of such a specialized need. At PCG, we have written dozens of highly successful web applications that are utilized daily throughout the world.

For more informatino on the projects we have completedm, please review through our Case Studies.


Data driven Websites are especially useful when you have information, products or services that need to be queried or you need to collect information from your client or staff. The last thing you want to do is bury potential clients under an avalanche of information. A data driven site invites visitors to select what they are interested in or only what they need to enter.

User-Friendly Databases can take your Website to the next level.

Pull data from your:

  • Accounting system
  • Contact management system 
  • Custom business system 
  • Multiple systems simultaneously

Phoenix Consultants Group is ready to help your turn your Website into an information and service  portal.

Our team can analyze your concepts and  turn your Website into an active, dynamic tool utilizing databases that you have already built and developed.  If you don’t have databases or need them improved, we can help you create and integrate them into your site.


Phoenix Consultants Group, Inc is a proud supporter of Into the Light Walk -  As such, we accept donations on behalf of the IT Development needs for Into the Light Walk:                                                           


About Into the Light – Beginning in May, 2011 a walk began. Embarking on a journey from the Pacific Northwest of the United States, walking 6,000 miles to Washington DC the walk embodies one simple goal – an end to gender discrimination.

During the walk there are numerous candlelight vigils at the specific places where people have been murdered or have taken their own lives due to gender expression/identity or sexual orientation discrimination. Providing gender expression/identity, social movement, civil disobedience and theatre of the oppressed workshops and theatrical performances inspiring people to walk into their own light and true potential, this 9-18 month journey is helping raise up more voices into the effort for full social and legislative equality.

Please consider donating to the walk...