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There was a problem in the Cell LInk feature in the RokFeature Table module.  The recommendation on teh site was that the the DEFAULT.php file had to be replaced.  In the directory is the OLD php file and the new file.  Here was the text from the article that replaced it.



I can replicate the issue and the issue is only on Omnicron template. It happens because Omnicron has the override template for RokFeatureTable and there is no "link detection" for other rows except for the latest row.

You can replace the default.php file at:
<Joomla Root>/templates/rt_omnicron_j15/html/mod_rokfeaturetable/default.php

with the attached file below. Please unpack it first and you will find the default.php inside.
Please let me know the result.


Important Notes on Website with Omnicron for PCG –

1.  Articles will show in the top story box if:

                            a.Category is set to RokStories

                             b.If Featured = YES

2.Articles will show on the RokTab Control if:

    1. Articles will NOT show on the RokTab or RokStories if:


3. You set the Category to anything BUT

  1. RokStories
  2. RokTabs
  3. You Set the FEATURED = YES

To get to the Feature Tables, click on Extensions, Module Manager and then select rokFeatureTables from the Select Type drop down And select which Feature Table (under Title) you want to work on.

DO NOT Touch Any of the Basic Options BUT the Layout Setup Gear.  ESPECIALLY do not bump the IMPORT button. It will wipe out all your work! And you will start the template from scratch!