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You have managed to survive the pandemic so far and you FINALLY have been given the okay to return to work!!!! WOOT! So now it's time to prep on how you are going to SAFELY get your computer files back into your work system.

Employees and contractors who have been on their home systems will need to transfer files back to the work systems upon returning to the office.  Home systems may not have as robust virus and malware checking, so here are some recommended safe practices:

Big “Do Not” -

  • Don’t grab your USB keydrive, copy your files and throw it straight into your work computer! Many of us don’t have adequate virus protection on our home systems.  
    • Be sure to run your home anti-virus on ANY files you are going to transfer.
    • Remember to update the anti-virus program on your work computer FIRST,  BEFORE downloading any files! 

The Updates are coming

Plan on spending a good amount of time waiting for your computer to update prior to using it when you first get into work. (If you have an IT department, they may be able to turn on your system and get the updates accomplished prior to your arrival.)  

  • If you’ve been away from your work computer for a while and it’s been off, you have updates “chomping at the bit” to be installed for your computer and apps. Many of the updates and patches are for security holes that need to be patched as quickly as possible.  Anti-virus, new apps and many other programs will possibly need to update when the machine comes back online.  It may take several hours waiting for your computer to update prior to using it when you first get into work..
  • Resetting your password:  Many systems ask that you reset your passwords at a designated interval.  You may have even forgotten your work computer password.  Remember to be prepared to reset the password when you arrive.
  • Anti-virus updates. By far this is one of the most critical updates you need to run when you arrive back in your office.  Within the past weeks, there have been dozens of highly volatile viruses released.  Right after your machine updates, update your anti-virus and anti-malware programs. DO NOT DOWNLOAD any new files until you have done this. THEN, scan ALL files BEFORE  importing or downloading 
  • When you insert it, scan the keydrive or external hard drive for viruses BEFORE downloading any files
  • While most email servers now do virus checking, it is always a good idea to scan the attachments upon downloading to your computer.  This will avoid transferring a virus from an email file to your work computer

Many who are coming back into the office are going to want to restart their work quickly and efficiently. Take a look at our blog post on how to safely get your equipment back up and running!

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