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For Immediate Release - URGENT PRESS RELEASE


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There is a new form of a virus going around called RANSOMWARE.  One of the Ransomware is being called CryptoLocker(Trojan: Win32/Crilock.A) among other names and comes in most cases through email as if you are receiving an INVOICE or a PAYMENT from UPS/FEDEX, from someone you know or a company you know. 

This type of virus specifically encrypts your local drive files and then puts half the encryption key in your computer in the registry, and the other half of the key is transmitted to a server that is offshore.  The malware then quickly encrypts files on your local drive(s) or shared drives/mapped drives.  THEN THE RANSOM IS DEMANDED!  Between $100 - $300 dollars is demanded that you remit OR a few weeks later, the files encryption key is destroyed.

There is NO possibility to decrypt your files without the key.  If the key is destroyed or the malware removed, then the files are lost forever.

Numerous individuals are having the problem and I have personally just witnessed a company that has lost over 6500 files due to this encryption Ransomware. 

It is imperative that if you should receive an email like this that you delete the email WITHOUT OPENING IT.  If for some reason you trigger the virus- IMMEDIATELY POWER OFF YOUR MACHINE.   DO NOT SHUTDOWN - TURN THE POWER OFF THE MACHINE!

More information about this Ransomware can be found at:

CryptoLcoker - Ransomware Virus Information -->


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