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Phoenix has written software packages for Emergency Services, such as crew management, incident tracking, appointment scheduling and more.

Communications Computer Aided Dispatch System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

This system provides for the entire management of a private ambulance firm.  From dispatches to call logs, lost calls,  transportation, millage, schedules and employees.  Crew management as well as hours on job were tracked. Complete reporting engine to allow for querying multiple criteria as well as daily management reports of locations, calls, expenses.

Incident Tracking System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Developing applications for national distribution is one of Phoenix Consultants Group's specialties. The national SWAT network approached PCG asking us to add our development and networking expertise to the creation of a distribution scenario by their application developer. SWAT sought an organization-wide, national tracking system for each SWAT team in the nation. Phoenix Consultants Group used their cross-platform expertise to develop an adaptive solution to accommodate the many machines, platforms, and configurations, with a minimal 1percent machine error rate.

Accounting Management (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Clients routinely ask Phoenix Consultants Group to contribute its expertise by assisting them with modifications to improve their own proprietary code. In this instance, PCG was asked to enhance this client's written product prior to sale, and quickly write and implement changes necessary to automate emails being sent to various remotely located sales agents. We also incorporated code to handle contact management and billing inquiries.

Nursing Home Medical Scheduling

This project was designed to create a full medical scheduling application that is deployed via a web-based interface.  Automatic and recurring scheduling was written to accommodate routine appointment setting.  An export push utility was written to accomplish updates to the current Progress Database

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