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Phoenix Consultants can create technological tools to help identify and minimize negative environmental effects, as well as producing data to communicate your message.

Pest Control Central Reporting Engine (SQL Server)

Data pulling engine that brought data from external Pest Control offices and integrated the data into a centralized SQL Server repository.  This repository then allowed the system to generate nightly reports and data transfers to the corporate office.  The system gave access to the SQL Server Reporting Engine which allowed the managers and owners to slice the data for various views.

Pesticide Training License Software (SQL Server / Microsoft Access)

This software was created with an Access Database front end that hooked to a SQL Server database.  The purpose of the software was to track Pesticide distributors and technicians who were required to be licensed to manufacture, store or spray pesticide chemicals and the courses they were required to take as well as licenses being up to date.  The system generated licenses for those who passed the courses, class scheduling, rosters, grading, printed certifications, rejections, failures as well as lists of manufacturers that made or stored chemicals.  The system was designed to track all aspects of licensing individuals in the state who handled pesticides in any way shape or form.

Well Tracking System

This system monitored water wells for purity of water.  System managed routine tracking of the wells to produce testing reports to insurance compliance with clean water standards.

Asbestos Removal Tracking (Visual Basic / SQL Server)

This system comprised of a tablet PC software that was used in a hazardous environment to ensure compliance with the removal of Asbestos from buildings. The software was a touch screen design to allow for extensive inspection of all elements of a hazardous waste removal process complete with chain of custody at each step including electronic signatures. The system was designed to sync back to a main station database with reporting capabilities, infraction reporting, supervisors/contacts and all related entities to a given area or project. The system also tracked fines, regulation infractions as well as recommended judicial enforcement actions against those who were not in compliance.

Ground Water Monitoring & Charting System (Microsoft Excel)

This project was for a Ground Water monitoring company for a specific location.  This provided plotted charts as well as distinct data searches to determine if anomalies were occurring at groundwater monitoring stations.

Access Database Upgrades (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

We spent several months working on various parts of this program which managed database information on clean water for Phoenix AZ and surrounding areas water testing. The program itself was written to monitor groundwater in all sorts of capacities from time of last test, scheduling of new tests, groundwater sample results, groundwater lab locations and chain of custody and more.  The system itself allowed management to be able to track where samples were at any given point of time as well as track operators, samplers, transportation, etc.  Basically it monitored everything to do with groundwater monitoring for the Phoenix Metro Area.

OSHA Training Monitor System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Under constant and consistent OSHA regulation and compliance with the DEP's Clean Air Act, this multinational client required an OSHA  training management system designed to document, track, and record proper course verification, attendance by employees, and course completion. Reports of the employee training, updates, and progress was submitted to relevant government offices and organizational supervisory staff.  By comparing scheduled mandatory training sessions with tracked attendance records, all employees could be followed via reporting functionality. Any deficiency, or gap in any employee's, or groups of employees training and attendance was immediately "flagged, reported, and appropriately addressed."

In addition, training instructor credentials were investigated,  tracked as to their qualifications to teach, continuing education credits, and curriculum management class scheduling. The Phoenix Consultants Group application included mass mailing capability for announcements, scheduling, and sign--off sheets for attendance records.

This project was one of three required by this client. Please refer to the others to develop an understanding of PCG capabilities.

EPA Emissions Monitoring System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access / Microsoft Excel)

By working hand-in-hand with the Phoenix Consultants Group's OSHA Compliance Management application, this project specifically focused on the DEP's Clean Air Act permit application. PCG's database development design accommodated multi-user regulatory compliance databases to facilitate the filing of proper New Jersey DEP and federal DEP applications for this client's  Clean Air Act permit.

Tracking thousands of fields from an Excel Spreadsheet and automating calculations to effectively monitor all devices (plant devices that were "online", such as control valves, flow adapters, pressure sensors,  etc.,), PCG integrated an "add-on" in Excel called Solver to run "best" and "worst-case" scenarios, Solver focused on changes in real-time flows and pressures and how those changes would affect emission statistics.  By performing real-time analytic scenarios, this client could and did develop higher production efficiency while maintaining compliance with the Clean Air Act.

Documentation Management System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Phoenix Consultants Group accomplished the design and development of a group of multi-user regulatory compliance databases, as well as the  ISO 9000 document management and control system for over 50,000 records and transactions, occurring among 25 remote users.

These databases housed all the information required for the chemical recipes utilized in making fuel additives.  Housing approximately 50 variable and changing recipes, documentation of handling procedures for the liquids included manufacturing techniques, appropriate fluid hazard compliance and regulatory policy monitoring had to be up to date, Full review cycle status functionality was integrated for direct access by supervisory and management personnel.

PCG devised a document revision monitoring process, involving the tracking of up to 50,000 technical, scientific, regulatory, and report documents through their passage from editor to supervisor and then distribution to various department heads. Ultimately, the documents completed the cycle at the manager's desk, evaluated for scanning into the "document scanning capture system" and archived.

Included in the time, location, and point-of-review tracking, the database followed any and all revisions made to the document during its review, along with annotations on document status and utilization.

Soil Remediation Tracking (Microsoft Excel / Microsoft Access)

Developed spreadsheets and databases to track soil remediation from a Superfund cleanup site.  Systems tracked how much soil was taken, locations of soil, testing results and how much remained.  Calculation engine was written to project out how much soil still remained based on contamination levels on testing



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