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We have worked with dozens of Fortune 500's on some of their most important projects.  From manpower management to critical licensing of financial planners, Phoenix delivered quality products that continue to work for these Corporations.

Network Administration

Network administration is a time consuming and technically difficult specialty. Recognizing the need required by this leading document archive source company, Phoenix Consultants Group delivered off-site, on-demand Network Administration services, accommodating two dozen data entry operators, their  IT network input, and document tracking and storage capability. PCG analyzed this client's actual need and offered its unique, off-site, administration skills to guide this client's internal IT group in establishing and maintaining the client's network and server applications, stabilizing and securing server efficacy and self-support.

Employee OSHA Training Database (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access / Microsoft Excel)

The stringent OSHA requirements throughout the electronics and other industries, requires ongoing documentation and updating of OSHA training for employees and staff. By developing a client and industry-specific employee training and documentation process and application, PCG was able to detail training specifics and updates for one of the largest and best-known manufactures of quality stereo equipment in the industry.

Marine Terminal Management System (Visual Basic / ASP / SQL Server / Microsoft Access / Microsoft Excel / Outlook)

Phoenix Consultants created and implemented their corporate-wide Marine Terminal Database System 2000 (MTDBA) for a previous client returning for advanced management and logistical help with their fleet of shipping tankers and freighters. By using an innovative incorporation of Visual Basic, MS Access, SQL Server, and ASP, we provided augmented ability to track and report objective risk assessment criteria, assisting with safety efforts and liability reduction within its shipping venues throughout the world.

Further into development, Phoenix developed a modularized Marine Terminal Survey Tracking and Implementation System (MTSTIS), using Access 97 to track and report onload/offload activity at this client's international oil shipping terminals.

Creating the international LAN-based network allowing 35 users simultaneous access to several customized Access databases located throughout the organization(s) was accomplished with the development of a straightforward and logical GUI, always considering its international application and usage. The GUI was customized to meet various national/international standards, while still accomplishing encoded calculation, weighting, and statistical analysis capability for the base application.

Continued enhancements and modifications were requested and performed during May 99-Jun 99.

The extensive database was driven by a 30-page MSAcess questionnaire, where our applications evaluated known values against input data, analyzing and projecting by weighted scales, which physical sites were at risk for an oil spill.  Worldwide data transmission was accomplished with a VB program attached to a SQL Server email module to transfer data results and projected risk throughout the world.  Users could update data through an Excel spreadsheet transmitted over the facilitator and imported at the end terminal; an Access database, also sent and imported; or using the web interface to directly modify their data.  The application was also designed to accommodate time differences between users, and scheduled data-sending to different off-site facilitators for analyses of risk assessment.

Functionality also enabled users to retrieve unscheduled data from a single site if situations warranted an off-schedule or emergency level evaluation and inspection. Facilitators could verify the correctness of the data received, input their comments and concerns, and offer assessments to determine corrective actions. Transmitted recommendations were evaluated to ensure that all the facilities were operating up to speed.  This program has been operational worldwide for 3 years.   PCG wrote the original program, and performed serial enhancements until this client upgraded and requested a full rewrite of the application to bring it up to Enterprise level application.

Still operational, the MTDBA and MTSTIS systems are currently monitoring every oil shipping port in the world, to ensure oil spill factors are mitigated prior to their becoming a catastrophic problem.

Fluid Coker Time Management System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access / Microsoft Excel)

This was a small access database that generated the ability to estimate and schedule downtime for Cokers that would allow for Preventative Maintenance and the timeframes required to fix certain pieces of the coker.  (Cokers are crude oil processing rigs capable of extracting petroleum remnants after initial removal of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc.) It also estimated the cost that the time would incur on the repairs of being down.

Fluid/Flexi Coker Management System & Delayed Coker Management System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access / Microsoft Excel)

Our international, world-wide, energy production and transportation corporate client for this project required an interactive database application capable of managing their "fleet" of cokers. Once developed and deployed around the world, this program enabled production engineers to monitor and recall individual and trend statistics related to specific compound compositions in any location (Fluid/Flexi coker) while being imported into the central database for further analyses and archiving during the oil extraction process.

Phoenix Consultants Group used their unique coding abilities to add special features to this program. One such feature, an auto-field modifying interface, that "allowed"  the automatic addition of new fields over time, without "down time"  for reprogramming  Any new field was simultaneously auto mapped to an Excel export routine, as well. Phoenix currently estimates several thousand fields are currently in use by this database, linking the complex hierarchical structure necessary to record and track petroleum derivatives and processing results and requirements.

Data replication and distribution, as well as international contact management functionality were also built into this application.

Financial Planning Initiative (SQL Server)

Phoenix Consultants Group was consulted to provide analysis and development plans for agent verification and sales authorizations for their agents responsible for the sales of their varied financial planning products. The Security and Exchange Commission's strict licensure validation and compliance regulations were integrated into the planning of the application, assuring corporate consumer clients of their agent's qualifications when purchasing any financial plan. PCG, working with additional development teams contributing to this multi-million dollar project, was the only team to deliver their Financial Planning Agent Credentialing component on-time and on-budget.

Phoenix developed their SQL Server, CORBA objects, and validation component, successfully designed to serve as the integration core for more than 150 different modules written by multiple development teams. With the goal to meet project deadlines, Phoenix Consultants Group delivered.

National Sales Reporting (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Excel)

When this well-known food and food products company, that has supplied America and the world for decades, approached Phoenix Consultants Group and explained their need for a Sales Reporting System for their national sales representatives, PCG rose to the challenge once more for this client. Using their expertise and experience, the Phoenix staff delivered a reporting engine that continues to operate after 5 years of report generation.

Incorporating aggregate national sales data, the PCG-designed Excel-driven engine extracts, stratifies, compiles, and distributes daily reports specific to each corporate region, territory, and individual sales representative. With implementation in under 3 months, Phoenix Consultants Group produced an Enterprise solution that continues to supply all the data necessary for a ten thousand-strong workforce's efficient operation.

Manpower Workload Assessment System (Visual Basic / Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

When this well-known food and food products company, that has supplied America and the world for decades, approached Phoenix Consultants Group a second time and explained their need for a management system that would enable them to restructure a sales force of thousands of representatives, PCG immediately understood the serious workload capacities and manpower considerations required. In under 4 months, Phoenix Consultants Group delivered their outstanding Territory Realignment Application written in Visual Basic and SQL Server. Designed to function on-line or stand-alone, PCG developed this workforce assessment program using time-proven workload analysis and manpower capacity tools. The PCG program allowed this international company to expeditiously restructure their sales representatives, territories, and regions with the least disruption to their client delivery base of more than one-hundred-thousand.

Once again, Phoenix Consultants Group delivered a superior product requiring superior coding expertise. We're proud to have delivered On-Time and On-Budget to this leading food manufacturer for the second time.

Sales Commission Reporting System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access / Microsoft Excel)

For this innovative and growing biotechnology company, Phoenix Consultants Group developed and integrated specialized programming techniques capable of producing sales commission projections and sales forecast reporting, a necessary business requirement for the management of technical specifications and corporate sales and marketing logistical details.

Hospital Management (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access / Microsoft Excel)

In the Hospital Management field, this client is a competitive, robust application development specialist   Providing its expertise and support to various consulting firms in the development community has been a benchmark for Phoenix Consultants Group.  Our depth and breadth of application development experience is available to assist members of this community and provide our partnership clients with solutions necessary to deliver properly coded software, with expected product performance and reliability.

SQL Server Replication (Visual Basic / SQL Server)

Industrial network security against virus and competitor infiltration led this client to Phoenix Consultants Group, seeking a secure filtered web browser that would allow their employees internet access and still protect this customized embroidery client's own networks.  PCG developed the Lightning Internet Browser to work with Internet Explorer Client, and restrict employee internet site access to known, trusted, and/or secure sites during the workday. The reduction of invasive incidents and viral infiltration increased the productivity of the business by facilitating ease of net access under a secured network environment.

Phoenix developed this unique web browser utilizing an offsite SQL Server to host the secure sites that users could visit and additionally allowed an administrative module to be utilized to provide secure email to company individuals requiring contact with their many different vendors.

Sales Rep Lead Tracking System (Visual Basic for Applications / SQL Server / Microsoft Access / Microsoft Excel)

Requiring an independent, synchronically (distributed) database to manage their National Sales Force information in tight project completion deadlines, Phoenix Consultants Group "stepped up to the plate" and successfully delivered.  This integrated database was replicated, and synchronized nation-wide in SQL Server and Microsoft Access. Utilizing its proprietary "condensed development cycle" technique, PCG delivered the Microsoft Access and SQL Server integration that provided the complex analysis tools needed by the client's electronic division sales and marketing task force.

Book Management System (Visual Basic / SQL Server)

The combined corporate entity is a CD-ROM and Data Warehouse supplying concrete information in dictionary-style volumes, as well as CD-ROM production of important technical and industrial research information.  Providing  Y2K compliance integration required for the administration and production of five major book sets generating over 70% of revenue generation provided Phoenix Consultants Group with a means to show their mettle. PCG designed a single interface to dynamically generate forms and administrative processes for all 5 books.

Our product included a Y2K deadline Book Management Application, which managed five large publications (2.5 million records total)  with a single user interface in a 3 Tier Architecture model. We integrated Enterprise servers, VB6, SQL Server 7.0 and Oracle utilizing ADO 2.0/2.1 to manage and supervise the eleven onsite and two off-site international developers, analysts and testing managers.  We developed analysis, design, composition, and implementation models for user requirements documents, program specifications, management reports and project plans within this application.  Extensive conversion of four database systems involving over 1,500 tables into two database structures was also required, and built into the system at minimal additional expense. Application specifications included data entry capability with multiple users at various US sites, Reports engine, Bulk Mailing engine, Security Engine, Forms Management Engine, and additional custom controls created, integrated, and tested to rigorous standards prior to the Y2K deadline.

Phoenix was proud to be a part of the Y2K success for these partners.  Providing quality products with robust designs is what enables PCG to be a leader in today's marketplace.

Schedule Management and Seating System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

With a 50 part-time and full-time employee call center, our client was in need of personnel, time, and resource management software.  To correct the lack of records for vacation, sick time, and personal time, and manage personnel projections, Phoenix Consultants group devised a 100 person/station man-hour assessment projection and scheduling database with adaptive capability (to allow for increased personnel). The PCG program had the ability to assign computers and phones to the same employee on a more permanent basis, allowing them to relocate within the company and retain the same contact information. By allowing management to "visualize" employee work schedules, assignments and projections, management accomplished its goals of making their personnel management more productive.

Maintenance Tracking System (Paradox 3.5)

This client, a leading electrical power generation and supply corporation delivers their electrical power to millions of companies and families on a daily basis.  As a leader in the Nuclear Power industry, our client is dedicated to the use and support of safe and effective nuclear power.  While preparing to perform preventative maintenance on one of their nuclear reactors, the client called Phoenix Consultants Group, asking us to develop a statistical analysis database to track the various groups required for reactor maintenance tasks.<BR><BR> PCG took considerable pride in rapidly analyzing and developing the required parameters and integration to bring preventative maintenance data into comprehensible reporting perspectives. Using our specialized data transfer and conversion applications, supervisory management delivered expedited project milestone reports to senior-level management, accelerating the project completion by several days. The accelerated schedule permitted the reactors to go "online" that much sooner, providing power to their clients.

OSHA Training Monitor System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Under constant and consistent OSHA regulation and compliance with the DEP's Clean Air Act, this multinational client required an OSHA  training management system designed to document, track, and record proper course verification, attendance by employees, and course completion. Reports of the employee training, updates, and progress was submitted to relevant government offices and organizational supervisory staff.  By comparing scheduled mandatory training sessions with tracked attendance records, all employees could be followed via reporting functionality. Any deficiency, or gap in any employee's, or groups of employees training and attendance was immediately "flagged, reported, and appropriately addressed.

In addition, training instructor credentials were investigated,  tracked as to their qualifications to teach, continuing education credits, and curriculum management class scheduling. The Phoenix Consultants Group application included mass mailing capability for announcements, scheduling, and sign--off sheets for attendance records.

This project was one of three required by this client. Please refer to the others to develop an understanding of PCG capabilities.

EPA Emissions Monitoring System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access / Microsoft Excel)

By working hand-in-hand with the Phoenix Consultants Group's OSHA Compliance Management application, this project specifically focused on the DEP's Clean Air Act permit application. PCG's database development design accommodated multi-user regulatory compliance databases to facilitate the filing of proper New Jersey DEP and federal DEP applications for this client's  Clean Air Act permit.

Tracking thousands of fields from an Excel Spreadsheet and automating calculations to effectively monitor all devices (plant devices that were "online", such as control valves, flow adapters, pressure sensors,  etc.,), PCG integrated an "add-on" in Excel called Solver to run "best" and "worst-case" scenarios, Solver focused on changes in realtime flows and pressures and how those changes would affect emission statistics.  By performing realtime analytic scenarios, this client could and did develop higher production efficiency while maintaining compliance with the Clean Air Act.

Document Management System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Phoenix Consultants Group accomplished the design and development of a group of multi-user regulatory compliance databases, as well as the  ISO 9000 document management and control system for over 50,000 records and transactions, occurring among 25 remote users.

These databases housed all the information required for the chemical recipes utilized in making fuel additives.  Housing approximately 50 variable and changing recipes, documentation of handling procedures for the liquids included manufacturing techniques, appropriate fluid hazard compliance and regulatory policy monitoring had to be up to date, Full review cycle status functionality was integrated for direct access by supervisory and management personnel. 

PCG devised a document revision monitoring process, involving the tracking of up to 50,000 technical, scientific, regulatory, and report documents through their passage from editor to supervisor and then distribution to various department heads. Ultimately, the documents completed the cycle at the manager's desk, evaluated for scanning into the "document scanning capture system" and archived. 

Included in the time, location, and point-of-review tracking, the database followed any and all revisions made to the document during its review, along with annotations on document status and utilization.


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