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We want to meet your needs: Phoenix Consultants can efficiently expand, develop, and grow your technological impact.

AccessFreak Website (Visual Basic / ASP / SQL Server)

Since 1997, Phoenix Consultants Group has developed websites and applications to harness the power of the "net". Developing the web application to manage hundreds of Microsoft Access Developers was, and continues to be, a real challenge.  When PCG acquired the "Ms. Access Freak" (MAF) site in 1999,  we rewrote the entire MAF website in order to facilitate ease of utilization by developers in search of MS Access information. PCG has achieved its main goal for the MAF site, and we proudly continue to supervise and maintain the longest-running Access Help Database on the internet.

This robust web application, written in HTML and ASP,  processes over 20,000 hits per day on the SQL Server database. We are consistently searching and locating the collection of helpful tips and programming information sought by Microsoft Access developers. Being completely database-driven, the site allows us to quickly view information, write articles for the developer community, and help our users find the answers to inquiries, enabling them to complete their projects "on time" and "on budget."

Financial Management / Inventory Control System

Created a reporting engine for major financial accounting software and inventory control systems for a networking equipment supplier.

Book Management System (Visual Basic / SQL Server)

The combined corporate entity is a CD-ROM and Data Warehouse supplying concrete information in dictionary-style volumes, as well as CD-ROM production of important technical and industrial research information.  Providing  Y2K compliance integration required for the administration and production of five major book sets generating over 70% of revenue generation provided Phoenix Consultants Group with a means to show their mettle. PCG designed a single interface to dynamically generate forms and administrative processes for all 5 books.

Our product included a Y2K deadline Book Management Application, which managed five large publications (2.5 million records total)  with a single user interface in a 3 Tier Architecture model. We integrated Enterprise servers, VB6, SQL Server 7.0 and Oracle utilizing ADO 2.0/2.1 to manage and supervise the eleven onsite and two off-site international developers, analysts and testing managers.  We developed analysis, design, composition, and implementation models for user requirements documents, program specifications, management reports and project plans within this application.  Extensive conversion of four database systems involving over 1,500 tables into two database structures was also required, and built into the system at minimal additional expense. Application specifications included data entry capability with multiple users at various US sites, Reports engine, Bulk Mailing engine, Security Engine, Forms Management Engine, and additional custom controls created, integrated, and tested to rigorous standards prior to the Y2K deadline.

Phoenix was proud to be a part of the Y2K success for these partners.  Providing quality products with robust designs is what enables PCG to be a leader in today's marketplace.

Various (Visual Basic / Microsoft Access)

As consultants to the consultants to the client, Phoenix Consultants Group provided on-site administrative facilitation and support for our client, itself a software installer and consultant. Requesting our cooperation with monitoring and troubleshooting their installation efforts. To achieve successful installation and network functionality, we assisted in coding some of the software when issues arose.

Quotation Estimation System (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

An industrial-strength data technology sales corporation, this client markets millions of dollars in networking equipment nationwide.  To provide up-to-date quotation ability for its distributed sales force, this client created a Microsoft Access Database to provide accurate, real-time market pricing for quote development by their sales representatives, and subsequent presentation to their potential clients. Phoenix Consultants Group established this client's Online Quotation Management System, enabling the sales representatives to quickly develop their accurate, state-of-the-market quote in order to make the sale.  Now operating in all of the 50 states, corporate sales reps consistently and constantly have access to the most up-to-date information, working on a robust system platform, making available the best possible pricing resources to "close the sale".

Written in HTML and ASP, this unique application utilizes a secure, custom web browser interface with durable functionality for each representative.  Additional reporting capabilities for the system administrator are synchronized with the client's real-time pricing database, enabling quality quotations at all times, with minimal development costs.

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