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Let PCG help your non-profit organization with technology designed to meet your specific demands to improve processes, reduce and automate administrative duties, freeing you to focus on your mission.

Safe Schools Initiative Website (PHP / MySQL)

This program was written during the time of the Safe Schools initiative for legislation in various states and Washington DC.  The website provided information to those seeking solid resources to legislate for safer schools.

Database Conversion to SQL

Conversion of data from a proprietary SQL Server system into CiviCRM.

NPO Central (PHP / MySQL)

Conversion of program to manage events and job listings for non-profits.

Access Membership Manager

Converted and upgraded an Access database to a more modern and stable program.

Legislative Advocacy Database (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

Provided technical support and programming to a database that tracks non-profit advocacy on State issues that are currently under legislative consideration. System contained information regarding the bill, the individuals involved, the impact and other factors that related to the passage of legislation

Non-Profit Management Suite

We produced an Access database that provided a blind user to be able to track memberships, donations and attendance at a blind facility.  This system managed extensive day to day operations of the center including utility costs, programs that were ongoing, contracts, participants of programs, accounting of funds as well as monthly board of director reports

Historical Society Website (HTML / ASP / SQL Server)

When the remaining citizens of The Last Ghost Town in the United States desired a central repository to allow their heritage to continue after almost all of the houses and residents were removed during the 1980's Arizona mining collapse, it was the Phoenix Consultants Group that developed their community website, and partnered with the remaining residents in their transition and reintroduction to old friends and old memories of a time left behind.

The website is designed around a SQL Server database that dynamically keeps track of articles, community forums, and various tasks at hand, including The General Store, a location for members to purchase and sell Last Ghost Town Memorabilia.  PCG was delighted and proud of its contribution to this wonderful community of people.

Newsletter Management (Visual Basic for Applications / Microsoft Access)

CGC developed a program that managed the family members, annual subscription membership payments to the organization and details of children who had been murdered.  The system was designed for a group that provided support as well as advocacy work concerning the murder of individuals.  Membership dues, address information, details of those lost are included in the database including a general accounting system and reporting system.

Donated Car Tracking Program (PHP / MySQL)

Programmed a dashboard with upgraded functions to allow the receipt of cars that were given to non-profits for resale.

Accounting Management (Visual Basic / Microsoft Access)

This client's multi-million dollar global missionary and outreach foundation requested Phoenix Consulting Group to develop their entire integrated general ledger system for its international missions and missionaries. Recording and tracking charitable contributions, income generation, missionary salaries, and currency conversions were but a few of the many capabilities requested by this client during the development and testing process. As confidence grew in PCG's development skills, this client continued to add requirements and requests to the project. These additional modules including donor management capability, mail management, and GUI development of a scalable savings and checking account management system.

PCG successfully developed this corporate financial management program using Visual Basic and SQL Server.

BVIBridge Network Website (Visual Basic / ASP / SQL Server)

Supporting the Blind and Visually Impaired is a commitment that Phoenix Consultants Group takes very seriously.  When a group of folks looking to explore and parent children in a less than accommodating world, approached Phoenix Consultants to develop a  website that is friendly to the blind community,  we employed interactive speech capabilities, enabling the blind and visually impaired to share hope, strength, and wisdom on our Parental site.

Phoenix proudly wrote the website in one week, and produced the ASP, SQL Server web application to ensure the support for blind and/or visually impaired parents with the awesome task of raising children.

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