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Helping Non-Profits share resources for a better world.

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What You Need. When You Need It.

The Non-Profit Trading Post allows organizations to collaborate by communicating their need of supplies and volunteers as well as share what they have in excess. Our Trading Post software is designed to easily manage the resources and volunteers you own and track down those that you need.

Don’t run a non-profit organization? No problem!

The Trading Post can be customized to whatever system design specs you require whether you’re a non-profit, public or for-profit business The software is designed for use by any number of unique companies, hospitals and medical facilities, apartment real estate offices, social service providers and much, much more! Non-profits aren’t the only organizations that need to share resources. We can all benefit from sharing resources!


See and Manage Your Partnerships and Groups

The most important part of finding resources is knowing who you’re working with. Being able to know who and how to contact is imperative for getting supplies and volunteers where they need to go.

Manage Your Organization’s Information and Partnerships***

Post Requests for Supplies and Volunteers

When you are short on resources, the Non-Profit Trading Post allows you to submit a requisition that can be easily seen by other groups. Just click on the We Need tab, then Insert New, and you’re on your way to let others know what supplies or volunteers you are needing.

Post Your Available Supplies and Volunteers

When you have too much of a resource, letting others know that you have it in case they need it is a strong way to build a good relationship with a partner or another organization. Non-Profit Trading Post allows for easy entry of your resources and an easy way for other people to find what you need. Sharing is caring!

Supply and Volunteer Management

Track Where and How Volunteers and Supplies are Moving within the posting requisitions. Keep Track of How Many of a Supply or Number of Volunteers are Available or Needed With Ease

Find and Locate Supplies and Volunteers You Need

Using the Trading Post's Dashboard, it's easy to locate the resources you need that have been posted by other organizations.  By opening the requisition, you can see how many of each they have and their contact information.

See What Other Organizations Have and Require (Contact Information Available)****

Customization Based on Your Organization’s Needs

Contact your system administrator for assistance. See our showcase to find out more about how we can customize our product to meet your organization’s or company’s specifications.

Daily System Backups

Backups are made every morning at 7 am EST.


Why We Developed This Product

In March of 2020, COVID-19 was becoming a severe health crisis across the globe. Phoenix Consultants Group wanted to contribute to a relief effort. We partnered with New Jersey VOAD to develop a system for Emergency Services during disasters and crises. The organizations involved ranged from small, grass-roots groups to large, multi-national entities. The Non-Profit Trading Post allows them to share and distribute scarce resources.

Final Version of Non-Profit Trading Post


Other Applications

The Non-Profit Trading Post is not just for non-profits or just for sharing resources.  Any business can use the Trading Post as per its original design just as anyone can use it to keep track of who has what in office locations that are separate from each other, giving you the ability to find it easily.

Many times, businesses have multiple branches or offices, many in the same city, others across the globe.  The Trading Post is a great way to keep track of who has what and where and allows for the sharing of resources from one branch to another, thus saving the expense of buying more supplies or hiring additional employees.  A manager could easily use the Trading Post as a means of letting a worker know what site to be at for the day or even for a set time***.  Don't let the Non-Profit in Non-Profit Trading Post fool you.  It is a tool that can be used by anyone who needs to keep track of where resources are.  And if you need to change the way it works for you, feel free to contact us so that we can customize the software to match your business or non-profit model.

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