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 At Phoenix, we have provided hundreds of companies world wide custom database solutions to maximize their productivity and their profits by writing custom Microsoft Access database programs.  Our expertise in MS Access helps increase your productivity by allowing us to design and create a custom access database solution that fits your unique needs and the specific workflow that your business utilizes resulting in saved work force hours and increasing your profits. 

Allison has accomplished database development and programming since 1983.  Her expertise begins with databases that were constructed in 1983 for Air Force military applications.  Extensive knowledge and understanding the spans 28 years of database design, development delivery and deployment allows Phoenix the expertise necessary for a complete understanding of your database needs.  We have proudly developed hundreds of database applications in the past 15 years alone that are utilized daily in virtually every industry.   Given our experience, we are able to rapidly determine the best structures, and best practices for helping you get the optimum results from your database and programs.

MS Access Development since 1995. 

Beginning with Exxon Corporation in 1995, we have built more than 500 applications in Microsoft Access.  From small projects with one or two forms or tables, up to hundreds of integrated tables and forms, Phoenix has the expertise necessary for any size project. 

  • Full development process outlined
  • Itemized feature details
  • Screenshot and report samples
  • Non-disclosure agreement included
  • Flat fee pricing based on project size

Our MS Access Databases are –

Ø User Friendly

Ø Protects your data from inadvertent deletion or edit errors

Ø Provides login capability to minimize access to only the data that is needed

Ø Accelerates data entry though maximization of entering only the data you need

Ø Reduces duplication

We are not a company that utilizes wizards and macros to develop your application.  Although helpful, these tools slow down your application and make the program more error prone.  We custom code each form in a unique way to provide maximum benefit to our clients.


Fast - Affordable - Easier 

Our company has developed automated solutions for common small business tasks such as:

  • Tracking inventory and/or special parts requests
  • Consolidating information
  • Scheduling equipment and personnel resources
  • Optimizing routes
  • Data entry and re-entry
  • Copying and sending documents and invoices


Here are a few Case Studies of our Database Applications.  You can see more of our applications here

Corporations & Large Companies

Major oil Company – Access application built to provide real time assessment of risk for marine pumping terminal stations world wide based on an algorithm to determine maintenance failure projection.  Included importing of data from hundreds of shipping terminals and analysis if high risk facilities for remediation.

Document Management System - Accomplished the design and development of a group of multi-user regulatory compliance databases, as well as the  ISO 9000 document management and control system for over 50,000 records and transactions, occurring among 25 remote users.

These databases housed all the information required for the chemical recipes utilized in making fuel additives.  Housing approximately 50 variable and changing recipes, documentation of handling procedures for the  liquids included manufacturing techniques, appropriate fluid hazard compliance and regulatory policy monitoring had to be up to date, Full review cycle status functionality was integrated for direct access by supervisory and management personnel.

PCG devised a document revision monitoring process, involving the tracking of up to 50,000 technical, scientific, regulatory, and report documents through their passage from editor to supervisor and then distribution to various department heads. Ultimately, the documents completed the cycle at the manager's desk, evaluated for scanning into the "document scanning capture system" and archived.

Included in the time, location, and point-of-review tracking, the database followed any and all revisions made to the document during its review, along with annotations on document status and utilization.

OSHA Training Monitor System - Under constant and consistent OSHA regulation and compliance with the DEP's Clean Air Act, this multinational client required an OSHA  training management system designed to  document, track, and record proper course verification, attendance by employees, and course completion. Reports of the employee training, updates, and progress were submitted to relevant government offices and organizational supervisory staff.  By comparing scheduled mandatory training sessions with tracked attendance records, all employees could be followed via reporting functionality. Any deficiency, or gap in any employee's, or groups of employees training and attendance was immediately "flagged, reported, and appropriately addressed. 

In addition, training instructor credentials were investigated,  tracked as to their qualifications to teach, continuing education credits, and curriculum management class scheduling . The Phoenix Consultants Group application included mass mailing capability for announcements, scheduling, and sign--off sheets for attendance records

Nuclear Facility Maintenance Tracking System - This client, a leading electrical power generation and supply corporation delivers their electrical power to millions of companies and families on a daily basis.  As a leader in the Nuclear Power industry, our client is dedicated to the use and support of safe and effective nuclear power.  While preparing to perform preventative maintenance on one of their nuclear reactors, the client called Phoenix Consultants Group, asking us to develop a statistical analysis database to track the various groups required for reactor maintenance tasks

PCG took considerable pride in rapidly analyzing and developing the required parameters and integration to bring preventative maintenance data into comprehensible reporting perspectives. Using our specialized data transfer and conversion applications, supervisory management delivered expedited project milestone reports to senior level management, accelerating the project completion by several days. The accelerated schedule permitted the reactors to go "on line" that much sooner, providing power to their clients.

Energy Industry Preventative Maintenance Cost Analyzer: This was a small access database that generated the ability to estimate and schedule downtime for energy generators that would allow for Preventative Maintenance and the timeframes required to fix certain pieces of the equipment.  It also estimated out the cost that the time would incur on the repairs of being down.

Schedule and Seating Management:  With a 50 part-time and full-time employee call center, our client was in need of personnel, time, and resource management software.  To correct the lack of records for vacation, sick time, and personal time, and manage personnel projections, Phoenix Consultants group devised a 100 person/station man-hour assessment projection and scheduling database with adaptive capability (to allow for increased personnel). The PCG program had the ability to assign computers and phones to the same employee on a more permanent basis, allowing them to relocate within the company and retain the same contact information. By allowing management to "visualize" employee work schedules, assignments and projections, management accomplished its goals of making their personnel management more productive.

Small Business:

Packing Company – Created an extensive application that tracked board usage and layout for wooden building packaging crates enabling this company to minimize waste products and maximize utilization of materials.  This database additionally provided client tracking, container tracking and billing capabilities to enable a singular system to reduce errors due to multiple individuals working in separate applications.

Legal Firm – Specialized small application to track billing for government contracts in which some portions of the invoice were paid, and others were re-invoiced as part of an ongoing audit cycle thus allowing the law firm to maximize their billable time being paid.

Drill Bit Manufacturer – A MS Access Application that tracked sales and locations of industrial diamond drill bits including serial numbers, sizes and information related to highly specialized drill bits.  The system managed the inventory of multiple locations as well as cost of goods on hand or deployed.

Labor Force Monitoring and Tracking System -  Rising to the challenge put forth by one of "down-under's" large banana plantations to develop their detailed management program, Phoenix Consultants Group designed, created, and successfully integrated their client-specific Labor Force Monitoring and Tracking System, enabling this banana business to increase their production 30% in the first 3 months following incorporation of the PCG-designed program.

Our "Aussie application," written in Microsoft Access, allowed tracking of days worked according to employee, total employee days worked, overtime accumulation and tracking, benefits documentation, and other local management components were basic to the successful management functionality for this large scale grower-supplier. PCG's development of enhanced international shipment transport, tracking, and receipt tools, working in conjunction with incorporated lost or damaged product accountability documentation, lead to the rapid success of this all purpose application.

Art Gallery Client and Inventory System - A premier art gallery requires a premier business management package, including modular items such as client and inventory management, a Masterpiece inventory tracking system, and business features specific to the gallery itself. By incorporating client contact and mailing list functionality, email management, and timely client notification alerts and reminders, Phoenix Consulting Group incorporated value-added suggestions into this client's Microsoft Access database to bring a masterful management tool for managing a gallery of masterpieces.

Auction Management System - Recording, tracking, and documenting calculations for the computation of sales, interest rate accrual, profit margins, and auction details for this leading auction broker of million dollar heavy construction equipment required the integration of detailed computational capability, account projections, interest accrual, and logistical tracking of equipment sales and delivery throughout a wide range of geographic locations and compatibilities.

With its extensive experience in MS Access, PCG was able to distribute their application to a central location in California,  its client's satellite offices throughout the Western United States and Canada, successfully integrating communications and tracking capabilities at all locations.

Material Data Safety Sheet Automation System-   Our challenge in this project was the adaptation of data base functionality to inventory tracking of chemical  products sold by multiple chemical production and shipping companies.

PCG was approached by this client wanting a "turn key" product to sell to their customers, who anticipated an inventory tracking application designed to match, select, and include the mandatory, Material Data Safety Sheets which accompanied each of the chemicals transported    to which the correct components safety labels customization required for shipping potentially hazardous materials had approached because This database is a turnkey product that Compliance Consulting Services sells.  It was designed to track the inventory of companies that ship chemical products around the US.  Each chemical must have a Material Data Safety Sheet attached to it and a proper marker/sticker/sign that reflects how the chemical is to be eliminated or neutralized dependent upon the type of spill (ie; oil goes into a river, how do you fix it).  This database printed thermal labels to allow the company to produce the proper labels to affix to packages.  Additionally, location and inventory control of the stock levels of the chemicals was written into this database to facilitate location of all products at any given time to insure compliance with OSHA

Quotation Estimation System - An industrial-strength data technology sales corporation, this client markets millions of dollars in networking equipment nationwide.  To provide up-to-date quotation ability for its distributed sales force, this client created a Microsoft Access Database to provide accurate, real-time market pricing for quote development by their sales representatives, and subsequent presentation to  their potential clients. Phoenix Consultants Group established this client's Online Quotation Management System, enabling the sales representatives to quickly develop their accurate, state-of-the-market quote in order to make the sale.  Now operating in all of the 50 states, corporate sales reps consistently and constantly have access to the most up-to-date information, working on a robust system platform, making available the best possible pricing resources to "close the sale".

Written in HTML and ASP, this unique application utilizes a secure, custom web browser interface with durable functionality for each representative.  Additional reporting capabilities for the system administrator are synchronized with the client's real-time pricing database, enabling quality quotations at all times, with minimal development costs


Account Management System - This client's multi-million dollar global missionary and outreach foundation requested Phoenix Consulting Group to develop their entire integrated general ledger system for its international missions and missionaries. Recording and tracking charitable contributions, income generation, missionary salaries, and currency conversions were but a few of the many capabilities requested by this client during the development and testing process. As confidence grew in PCG's development skills, this client continued to add requirements and requests to the project. These additional modules including donor management capability, mail management, and GUI development of a scalable savings and checking account management system.

Incident Tracking System - Developing applications for national distribution is one of Phoenix Consultants Group's specialties. A national SWAT network approached PCG asking us to add our development and networking expertise to the creation of a distribution scenario by their application developer. SWAT sought an organization-wide, national tracking system for each SWAT team in the nation. Phoenix Consultants Group used their cross-platform expertise to develop an adaptive solution to accommodate the many machines, platforms, and configurations, with a minimal 1 percent machine error rate.

Some of Our Microsoft Access Service

Microsoft Access Consulting or Programming

Phoenix can build feature rich low cost applications using Microsoft Access. We have done numerous projects so we can quickly build your custom project by re-using code from previous projects. Our programmers have years of experience in all versions of Microsoft Access as well as numerous other technologies (Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET, Joomla etc...),). Access consultants and developers can vary greatly in their expertise, be safe and go with Phoenix (we specialize in Microsoft Access consulting). Our Microsoft Access applications provide "user-friendly" professional user interfaces. Our Microsoft Access programmers will also make sure to guide you to the correct technology, because Microsoft Access is not a perfect fit for all problems.

Microsoft Access Proof of Concept/Prototyping

Once our Microsoft Access consulting services have completed the design of a project, a prototype or proof of concept application can be used to test out the viability of the concept. If you are unsure of exactly what you need, a prototype is the way to go. Taking a look at the user interface of a proposed solution is a good way to flesh out the needs or requirements of your project. Our Microsoft Access consultants can then take the prototype to your final solution by programming the remaining functionality.

Microsoft Access Database Troubleshooting

If you already have a database solution that is behaving badly, running too slow or not working the way you would like you can use our  Microsoft Access consulting services to help fix the problems or optimize the application.

Microsoft Access Conversion Services

Do you need help converting your current Microsoft Excel system that you built yourself to Microsoft Access? How about help with a Microsoft Access database that's in the wrong version of Microsoft Access? Possibly you need help moving from Access to SQL Server, getting your Access database up on the web? We can help, contact us today.

Microsoft Access Support Services

Are you new to Access or need help with a particular problem? We can provide hourly help. You can purchase an hour at a time or purchase a few hours of dedicated help for us to help you build or design the solution. Some customers like Phoenix Consultants Group to do all the development work, some prefer to do most of the work themselves and just pay for a few hours of Microsoft Access consulting help to supplement the design or programming efforts required in building a solution.

Prove Path for Successful Projects –

With over 500 successful projects, we have developed a proven method for developing your MS Application system.  

You Own the Source Code

All source code in our MS Access databases are delivered to the client upon full payment of our contracts.  We write the product for you, and you own the product. No strings attached. EVER

100% Guaranteed

We guarantee your Microsoft Access database will function according to your approved custom design model and approved project scope. Any feature that does not function according to your approved design model is corrected at no charge.

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