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Technology develops rapidly with discoveries, new methods of doing things, better solution provision, and many more. To achieve better results in their operations, companies must ensure that their systems are updated quite often to meet the speed and pace of their competitors and deliver on customers’ demands consistently.

Many companies and businesses are having trouble with the management of their business operations. Lack of proper inventory monitoring, zero to no customer archive, no automated payroll, lack of profit and investment calculations, and many deficiencies. These deficiencies can be tied to the type of programs developed often decades ago in Visual Basic. The personnel developing programs up to the quality of the programming language being utilized to develop such a program can be hazardous in todays fast paced internet world.

Often it becomes necessary to change quite quickly the type of programming language used for their program development. There are so many factors that  companies and business owners need to consider from sourcing and utilizing the needed program solutions:

  • Some business owners are unaware that their business operating programs are archaic, risky and need immediate changes.
  • The unavailability of genuine and expert developers with expertise in the required older program for re-development.
  • Fear of the cost of acquiring the required solution discourages many companies from such acquisition.
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What is Visual Basic Programming?

Visual Basic is a Microsoft language developed by Microsoft in the  90’s to provide an object oriented programming language. This programming language enabled anyone at any time in any place to build Windows applications, as well as other programs such as APIs. Visual Basic is specifically built so that an application developed can only run on Windows software.

Microsoft developed various Visual Basics from the first version in 1991,  Visual Basic 1.0 up to the current version Visual Basic 6. It evolves from the initial DOS called BASIC or Basic A (Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code), which was utilized at the time for the creation of programs for companies. But as earlier stated, evolution has occurred, and the last version produced is Visual Basic 6.

What can be done with VB6?

Are you wondering why there is a need for a change in your current programming language; to what extent the effect of a change will be felt? The VB6 was capable of helping businesses, careers, and professionals grow in their various fields and endeavors. With the VB6, various professionals could develop top-notch programs during that era for the performance of many tasks and functions.

For mathematics teachers, programs can be developed using VB6 for Geometric Progression, Finding factors, solving Simultaneous Equations, plot Graphs, and so much more.

For businessmen and women, inventory management systems were developed, amortization and investment calculators were developed and utilized to run and administrate the business or company as the case may be.

Many businesses search for reputable companies to help them migrate their VB6 programs into newer and safer languages such as .NET, but the truth remains apparent. There are a lot of programmers who have little to no knowledge of VB6 on the web posing to be excellent professionals in the use of VB6.  At PCG we were on the forefront of developing top level applications in Visual Basic 5 / 6  for many top companies.

It is important to note that though there is a cheap solution to keep your VB6 programs, they are exceptionally less effective and security of your software is now risky at best.  Expert conversions of VB6 solutions become a priority to insure the safety of your systems.  Without a top level programming team, your programs can fail without notice and can endanger your entire operations.

Where you can get the right solution

The huge difficulty companies face to discover where to acquire VB6 program experts from can be quite challenging. In order not to fall into the wrong hands, companies are usually conscious that they need to locate a reputable firm.  Most firms will look for a company that has expertise in the language and a proven track record of programming in Visual Basic 6 and the new target language for redevelopment of their software systems.

(Phoenix Consultant Group is ready to provide the experts necessary to develop your critical programs converting the Visual Basic 6 legacy systems to current and safe programming languages such as .NET. We are the best in providing IT solutions to industries and companies from various industries who require conversion of their critical programs.

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