Custom database programming may help businesses from any industry work smarter, better, and faster.

The idea of a successful company in times past was a lot of drudgery, going uphill and down dale and sweating it out to get the essential but simple tasks done. These days, the narratives are changing, and more companies are doing it smartly, which often boils down to the proper positioning.

Are you looking to broaden your understanding of the infrastructure, programming, development, and software needs of your company to embrace the 21st century?  If you are, Phoenix Consultants Group might be the firm to help you establish the optimal database systems for your business.

Phoenix specializes in helping companies maximize their productivity and profits by writing custom database programs that will make your business work for you while minimizing cost and time. We do this by streamlining your custom software to more effectively support your business practices with your objectives, strategies, and goals.

Phoenix has dared to rise to the challenge of helping companies eliminate hindrances so they get to the top. No company is too small nor too large to benefit from the expert touch of Phoenix.

Over the years, business owners and managers have trusted us with their companies’ critical software needs, from huge corporations down to the small, family-run business and community groups in small towns.

No matter the type of company you run, there’s always a custom-made tool designed to provide solutions for you.

To mention but a few, some of the many businesses that have trusted us with their database management development needs include those in the following industries:

  • Transportation industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Retail industry
  • Environmental industry
  • Nonprofit organizations
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Miles Millspaugh
Iron Door Manufacturing
Phoenix Consultants Group Inc. recently created an MS Access database to help our business keep track of door sales. Our specific goal was to alleviate the need to search through multiple emails, CAD drawings and paper to determine which doors features and geographic areas generated the most sales and to keep track of our purchase orders. Allison was quick to respond to our comments and listened to our ideas and suggestions in designing the database. We are appreciative of the “from scratch” work involved with the initial creation of a database specific to our business needs. The timely support, customer service and patience we received from Allison was refreshing, and the professionalism and expertise that Phoenix and Allison provided exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Phoenix Consultants Group Inc.
Dr. Ellie Whitney
It was a lucky day, the day I discovered Phoenix Consulting. I needed major help constructing a website for myself, and did not have the skills to do it myself. I’d dealt with a lot of so-called “computer experts” who claimed they could execute what I wanted, and I’d been disappointed. Then I found Allison at Phoenix and, Lo! my troubles were over. The task I dreaded has turned into a creative project that pleases me to no end. Allison listens well, comes up with great ideas that enhance my own vision, executes our agreed-upon plan with astonishing skill, speed and creativity, and at reasonable cost. I highly recommend Phoenix Consultants and Allison Woolbert.
Pete Clark
Phoenix Consultants Group Client
“Over the past nine years, Phoenix has continued to provide outstanding support going above and beyond all contract's requirements, as well as helping on a number of projects for consulting support. Phoenix has had more than enough expertise to resolve any user needs and technical difficulties concerning our products. When concerns have arisen, the firm delivered a response solution to our needs.”
Linda Czipo
Phoenix Consultants Group Client
We have found Phoenix Consultants to be consistently responsive, reliable, flexible, sensitive to our budget limitations as a non-profit, and generous with their time and expertise. In addition to our contracted services, they have supported our work for New Jersey non-profits by exhibiting and volunteering at our conference and sharing their expertise on cybersecurity and tech issues.
Estlin Usher
Allison Woolbert and Phoenix Consultants are an outstanding company. They are diligent, helpful, and exceptionally friendly and easy to work with. We contracted them for a rather complicated project involving significant planning, testing, and execution for a bespoke database/CRM system. It was a challenging project with many complex factors, but Phoenix Consultants made it a smooth and painless experience. And the system is working well years afterwards! I highly recommend Allison and Phoenix Consultants for your custom project development and hosting needs.
Jeffrey Laue
With changing priorities and the need to make adaptations at each step of the process, PCG understood how large corporations function and adjusted to our needs. Although we had only a rudimentary scope of work, PCG was able to visualize and make recommendations on how to implement our needs. I would highly recommend PCG to any company seeking a qualified and competent firm.
Mark Barash
Phoenix Consultants Group has done start to finish development, including client interactions, design, coding and testing. They were familiar with many third party tools that have significantly sped up the development of my application thus reducing my overall costs on this project. PCG has a strong sense of urgency and commitment to their work, which is of the highest quality possible. When urgent circumstances demanded an expedient intermediate solution, PCG has been flexible in providing such efforts with quick turnaround. I am very pleased with PCG's work and would readily recommend them for any application development needs that you might have.
Tom Rankin
Exxon Training Manager
Phoenix Consultants Group would be an enormous asset to any company who needs qualified analysts and programmers. Their unique methods and solutions to corporate and governmental requirements allow them to solve even the most complex problems. PCG has proven beyond a doubt that they can take ownership of a project from the design stage up and through the completion phase.
Sharon McWilliams
Financial Sector, Wall Street
Phoenix Consultants has designed a complex reporting database on our behalf. The database required extensive programming that allows us to pull data from multiple sources, download it into once central place and then run the reports as needed. The level of service and knowledge provided by PCG has been outstanding. Throughout every step of this development process, PCG has offered direction and insight to developing the most useful tool. Today, thanks to Phoenix, we have a database that can be easily accessed through the web or through internal server by our staff.
Bill Balicki
Exxon, Process Engineer
Allison is able to communicate with our onsite skilled computer professionals and the lesser skilled associates with ease. Her talent has benefited our entire organization and has contributed to success of the program. I highly recommend Allison.
Carol Baus
Exxon, Training Superintendent
Phoenix Consultants Group is a highly regarded versatile team player who is continually cooperative and reliable.
Carole Sherman, Esq
Practice Administrator
I have been continually impressed with the competency of Allison Woolbert and her staff, and their availability for questions, upgrades, and “tweaks” for our website. Additionally, PCG is very conscious of clients’ budget constraints and endeavors to adhere to client requirements in this regard. Based on my experience with Phoenix Consultants Group, their programming skills and project design and completion schedule, I would recommend PCG without hesitation.
Christopher Wade
Pesticide Section Chief
Our database went live on Jan 25, 2005. This system was an EPA funded project to for pesticide inspections/case tracking. The system rarely if ever has issues. It has been reliable, and downtime is practically non-existent. I would not hesitate to recommend Phoenix Consultants Group for your software needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Database Programs

People often ask us similar questions when researching whether to have a custom database program developed.  Here are a few answers we’ve been able to provide to most clients.

How much does a custom database cost?

Considering the fact that many companies have upscaled through custom solutions with astounding and affordable results, a custom database can be incredibly affordable.

Is this a good time?

Whether your company is going through the best moments or the worst doesn’t exactly matter in this regard. There is no set time to create a successful custom business system. No matter the level you are, you will benefit.

Some people would think that turbulent times are not the best time to invest in custom database software, but consider this: When would you rather have it if not in your trying times as a company?

That's our mantra anyway, “Rising to the Challenge.”

Will it work for me?

Absolutely! There's no question about it.

This is different from the regular programming processes you know. There's a reason it is called “custom,” which means that it is tailored to suit your specific business needs.

If you still think custom database programming is not for you, then ask yourself the following:

  • Are you unable to address the core needs of your business?
  • Are you uncertain if your business is going in the right direction?
  • How many hours a week do you spend in unproductive time trying to organize your data to see where your business is going and what it needs?
  • How much time do you fight your software to get the smallest reporting needs met?

Custom database programming can help you: 

  • Optimize your access to trends in your business environment and how they affect your stability and growth.
  • Hone in on the characteristics and interests of your customers to better match their desires.
  • Apply meaningful, specific, and measurable benchmarks for your processes, staff, and production to monitor your efficiency.  
  • Enable teams and departments to see regular reports on progress to build team cohesion and empower self-improvement and positive motivation.
  • Improve and streamline your business processes to optimize your profitability.

10 Reasons you Should Choose Custom vs. Generic Software

Box software or off-the-shelf software can be easily corrupted, but custom database programming is the game-changer. Here are the reasons you should opt-in for a custom solution now!

Reduced Duplication

Increased Productivity


Business Growth

Improved Security

User-Friendly Solutions


Data Protection

Improved Productivity in Less Time

Increased profits

Is your company ready to go to the next level of productivity and higher profitability?

At Phoenix Consultants Group, we have a team of consultants with over three decades of hands-on experience who will be willing to see you through the process. Reach out to us to decide which custom database programming solution best suits your needs.