With the advent of computer technologies, the whole world changed, and with it, all industries, businesses, and fields.

Today, the planet is on the verge of another revolution brought by swift innovations and improvements in science, the internet, and computer technology.

The businesses which understand the demands of this time are inclining towards integrating technology in their business. One such technology that has become vital for companies is application development. Applications can help you manage your business effectively, cut your losses, and increase your profits. They make your presence known online on various platforms, help you efficiently reach the targeted audience, make things easy for your customers, and allow you to do business everywhere.

Sophisticated custom application development will require a well-versed team with extensive expertise in this field. This is where you can rely on Phoenix Consultants Group.

Phoenix Consultants Group is a well-respected and experienced software development company providing software solutions to multiple industries’ complex and technical business problems for more than 25 years. Even if you think your problem is unique, PCG can find the best possible out-of-the-box solution for you as they have the achievement of completing 500+ solutions under their belt.

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We Can Program Your Custom Application

Difference Between Software and Application

Some people often confuse the terms “software” and “application.” Software is a set of instructions that run your hardware. You can think of it as the brain of a computer. For example, the Windows Operating System is software.

An application is a small part of the software. Software is mainly for the companies to use, but for users, the thing that makes the difference is an application. Applications are created to carry out specific tasks for consumers, and all applications can be considered software, but the opposite is not true.

Off-the-Shelf vs. Custom Application Development

With so many options available online and many sources selling off-the-shelf software, why opt for custom application development? 

Off-the-shelf application software is very generic because it is meant to be used by masses, and they have to include many features for a vast array of users related to different fields. Such an application can never cater to all your business’s needs, nor will it have any room for flexibility, and neither will it be secure. You will have to change or buy different applications to keep up with the alternating demands of your business.

A custom software application is specifically tailored to your needs, vision, and goals.  Moreover, it will provide you a broader field, more control, and tools to cope with the ever-changing demands of the business and consumers.

Choosing Phoenix Consultants Group for Custom Software Solutions

Though the company was founded in 1995, its founder, Allison Woolbert, began software development in 1983 when she joined the United States Air Force as a data analyst.  She used to analyze statistical data and developed applications to track and manage a fleet of 28 very sophisticated fighter jets.

A deep history of 25+ years, countless successful projects, and professional teams with expertise in business, systems, and statistical analysis have led to our outstanding reputation. Mastering any programming language is a time-consuming process, but our experts have gradually mastered numerous coding languages over two decades to provide unique solutions to your technical problems, as we know that wisdom comes from experience.

Some of the languages PCG uses for coding include:

But this is not all that Phoenix Consultant Group offers. Besides all the facts mentioned above, we feel proud to say that our most significant differentiating trait is that PCG cares for you at a personal level.

We at PCG work for your trust and satisfaction and are not just ordinary software vendors who develop software applications for you. We keep in mind your financial budgets, the importance of your time, your vision, your business processes, and all other issues you are facing. After analyzing every aspect, we make sure to give you a custom software solution, and when designing customized software, we keep you updated and consider your changes, needs, and suggestions.

The applications designed by PCG are software specially planned and created to make your business more efficient by providing solutions for all your technical challenges. The custom applications might be designed solely for the inside use of a company via a private network or web applications.

PCG’s Custom-Developed Applications

PCG has developed software applications including:

  • Customer Relations Management software (CRM)
  • Process Automation Software
  • Custom Software for First Responders
  • Portals for Companies and Universities
  • Document Management Software
  • Software for Integrated Devices (Point-of-Sale Systems, etc.)
  • Communication Controllers
  • Multiple Forms of Compliance Software (Audit Compliance Software, Regulatory Software, Business Compliance Software, etc.)
  • Non-Profit Volunteer Management Software
  • Non-Profit Resource Management Software
  • Hardware Programming Solutions (Arduino, etc.)
  • Raspberry Pi (Microcontroller and Microprocessor)
  • E-Commerce Software (Custom Retail Sales Software)

Among our 500+ projects, one example of custom software we built for a client’s exact requirements is a production manufacturing tracking system application for a flag-bearing manufacturer of America.  The software enabled the user to track the point-to-point details of the product from manufacturing to delivery.

PCG’s Software Development Cycle

PCG’s software development cycle was built by conducting decades of trials and using multiple approaches to application development.

There are six core stages that every product goes through during development at PCG.

  1. Planning
  2. Analysis
  3. Design
  4. Implementation
  5. Testing & Integration
  6. Maintenance

What may look impossible to you, Phoenix Consultant Group can make possible. We can create virtually anything that you can explain.

Selecting the right custom website design and development team to develop your software will boost your long-term goals and put you on the right track to make your business prosper. Whether you have just started your business or have a recognized company, PCG has innovative application solutions to solve all your problems. Contact us today, and let’s tailor the best applications to meet your needs and funds.

Our Process

Our Process