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Your Partner for Software Customization & Innovation

Phoenix Consultants Group is the partner you can count on for specialized software and innovative technology solutions.  We help businesses boost their software capabilities to maximize profits and reduce staff time and stress. We customize software to your team’s specifications, as well as secure systems and integrate Cloud apps to produce the right product at the right price. We can help you modernize, maintain, and maximize your IT software solutions to resolve complex business issues. Our mission is to enhance and simplify your technological tools so you can work better … smarter … faster. 
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Our Mission
To deliver efficient, user-friendly, flexible, secure, and optimal software focused on the specific and unique requirements of each entity’s entry, processing, and data analysis needs, with minimal staff time and expense as a priority.
Our Philosophy
No matter how insurmountable your technology needs may be, Phoenix rises to the challenge.
Our Vision
To be the best custom software programming firm, providing business- and mission-enhancing software featuring outstanding efficiency, ease of use, and accurate data management for clients large and small
About Phoenix Consultants Group
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What We Do

Database, Website & Application Development Tailored Especially for You

Phoenix Consultants Group’s standards and principles stem from decades of experience in the database, website, and software development industry.

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Phoenix Consultants Group

When you are looking for a talented and experienced team for data driven software, website and Cloud solutions, look no further than Phoenix.

We “Rise to the Challenge”.

Allison Woolbert


Debbie Duncan

Vice President

Alicia Woolbert



Chief Mascot

With more than 35 years of experience, Allison has developed hundreds of programs for large and small businesses, nonprofit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and larger enterprise corporations. She has extensive problem solving experience in programming, data management, analysis, management and servers.

Debbie has been with Phoenix since 2010 providing decades of management experience, upholding the interests of the human user, as well as grammar monitoring.  Debbie brings about the reality checks, baseline balance to our projects ensuring adherance to scope and project progress.  Cultural sensitivity honed by 12+ years of her youth spent abroad brings an additional perspective to our diverse team. Her fluency in Spanish comes in handy periodically.

Alicia’s keen and intuitive ability to think outside the box allows for a well-rounded perspective that benefits our clients. Along with her inventiveness, attention to detail, and demand for accuracy, Alicia is skilled in VB.Net, C#, Razor, .Net Core, Java and Microsoft Access programming and development. Since 2010, Alicia has been an intregral part of Phoenix.

Molly is a red-lored Amazon parrot. This lovely lady’s top-notch skills leave her competitors blowing in the wind:

  • Says “Hello!”.
  • Mumbles repeatedly in a foreign language
  • Expert at nut-shelling and cardboard shredding.
  • Sounds loud alarms when happy or not

As long as we have peanuts, almonds, and fresh veggies around, she’s a happy camper.  She does NOT like Country music.

Our History

Utilizing her extensive expertise and knowledge of database architectures, systems analysis, business analysis, project management, and program creation, CEO Allison Woolbert has excelled at producing custom software applications since the early 1980s.Phoenix Consultants Group | Custom Software Programming

In 1983, she began programming for the U.S. Air Force as a statistical data analyst. As a pioneer in the newly developing personal PC arena, Allison produced applications that tracked statistics and managed a fleet of 28 highly sophisticated aircraft.

Over time, Allison developed hundreds of applications for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, Fortune 500 corporations, law enforcement agencies, and the military.

In 1995, Allison founded Phoenix Consultants Group with a goal of providing specialized custom software applications to businesses and nonprofit organizations of all sizes and from virtually any industry.

To date, Phoenix Consultants Group has produced over 500 software applications that manage some of the world’s most important data.

There’s really no wonder why companies look to us to resolve their challenges, no matter how simple or complex.

  • PCG has a superior ability to resolve complex problems with simple robust solutions.
  • We integrate both sophisticated and common hardware into data architectures as well as transmission and reporting systems.
  • As database architects, we have more than 35 years of experience in designing and implementing databases for small businesses, large corporations, and nonprofits .
  • We have completed small and large projects for a wide array of industries for many years. We’ve just about seen it all and done it all, so we can avoid pitfalls that newer developers and singular product firms may fall into, helping to ensure that your project proceeds quickly and effectively
  • We consult with key staff to identify the best means of delivering the desired result. As a part of your team, we are personally involved in direct discussions and interactions — no automated systems, no middle secretaries, no third parties, no canned solutions.
  • Our innovate solutions move companies forward in meaningful and profitable directions.
  • Phoenix facilitates access to the latest robust technologies while offering reliable implementation and support.
  • Data security is a top priority for us, as it should be for you too.
  • Enhanced tracking interface allows you to see the progress on your project. We will incorporate your input and keep you up to date every step of the way, and you will have the ultimate say in the functionality and appearance of your systems.
  • We strongly believe our clients should own the code and product once complete.

In order to truly partner with your organization, our software developers work to gain a comprehensive understanding of your mission, your goals, and your business processes.  We then engage our skillsets to propose distinct strategies for building your software, websites, and services that match your short- and long-term organizational goals.  We make it a priority to revisit your priorities and ensure we are on the right path as we develop your software.

At Phoenix Consultants Group, our aim is partnering with you, not just working for you. We act as an extension of your company to ensure that your software initiatives and goals are met. We strive to build and maintain quality relationships with you, so working together as a team, we can make your business more efficient and successful.

Technical expertise is only the foundation of our success. We form strong relationships with customers and build upon that foundation to create a solid structure that won’t be compromised. Together, we will “Rise to the Challenge”.