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Our Emergency Services Projects

Phoenix Consultants Group has served various forms of law enforcement and emergency services organizations over the years.  We work to maximize the efficiency of these organizations as well as optimize their tracking and communication systems.  Through our unique design, develop and delivery full stack development process, we allow our clients to successfully deliver their services swiftly and accurately.  For the emergency services community, there is little room for errors or data issues.  Creating safeguards throughout the emergency services software systems is critical in getting the right data to the right person in the fastest possible time. 

It is always an honor for Phoenix Consultants Group to be entrusted with a company’s software.  We recognize that data accuracy, timely delivery of information and concrete results are why our clients chose us.  From ambulance tracking systems to query engines for quick response teams, we strive to make every product totally reliable and rock-solid for every client we engage. 

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Security, Data Privacy and Information Privacy

On the critical path of every custom software project, the security of a client’s data is one of our highest priorities.  We know that a compromised system can lead to serious problems for any client. We utilize encryption, and front-end and back-end securities to protect your important data.

Data privacy and information privacy is always a priority when it comes to emergency services and law enforcement software.  Without data privacy, data can become compromised and have devastating results to the organization and those who were compromised.  At Phoenix Consultants Group, you will have a partner you can entrust with your data and know your sensitive information is secure.  You can read about our data security practices and data policies here.