Emergency Dispatch System Application

The Client Request

An Emergency Ambulance company contacted us in a massive software crunch: their program was failing and needed an immediate fix and a long-term rewrite of an older DOS-based system.  The old emergency dispatch system had barely been functioning and the software was now interfering with reaching clients.  A new communications dispatch system application was needed ASAP.


Project Requirements
  • Crew Schedule Management
  • Vehicle Maintenance Tracking
  • Call Scheduling
  • Manpower Assessments
  • Medical Supply Inventory
  • Dispatch Call Logs
  • Lost Calls
  • Vehicle Mileage and Utilization
  • Crew Certifications
  • Robust Reporting Query Engine
  • Expense Tracking
  • Accounting

The Challenge

With decades of experience with legacy software, Phoenix took up the challenge of reworking an obsolete DOS system. From forms redesign, flat file data structure rework, reporting, and HIPPA securities, this program required rapid development and implementation.  Additional medical inventory systems, as well as security lock protocols, also had to be built on a tight schedule. Ensuring this system was running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week required a new communications dispatch system application that could self-maintain, alert as to when maintenance was required and remain active at all times.

Languages / Database

The Phoenix Solution

Phoenix Consultants Group

Realizing the urgent needs of losing a primary business system and jeopardizing lives, Phoenix rose to the challenge to patch and keep the old system operating while we redeveloped this important software.  We deployed small modules at a time working to solidify each step of the new emergency dispatch system application as we worked through the various processes and gaps that were to be eliminated.  Critical reporting and extensive management parameters were identified and created for optimal management of this small, but crucially important company.  Crew maintenance, as well as vehicle maintenance, was tracked creating a solid record of each instance.  Phoenix was able to rescue this deeply needed emergency resource and get them back on their feet to help others.

Company Size

 Small Business – 100 employees / 75 ambulances