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Our Environmental Safety Projects

Phoenix Consultants Group takes environmental safety to heart.  We believe we have one planet and that we need to do everything we can to safeguard our environment, the flora and fauna, our children, and future generations.  We’ve written many custom software packages to help ensure that environmental safety and risk minimization stays at the forefront of large corporations, small businesses, and non-profits alike. 

At Phoenix Consultants Group, we are proud of our track record of working with our clients to provide the optimal custom software solution to help safeguard the environment.  From marine terminal monitoring systems to material safety data sheet production, we write software to make the world a safer, better place.

Software we have written helps protect literally billions of people all over the globe from environmental disasters.  From our environmental impact assessment and risk management tools for the oil & gas industry, nuclear energy, clean water to the clean air quality requirements of Fortune 500 refineries, Phoenix Consultants Group has been a leader in the creation of environmental software.

To learn more about Phoenix Consultants Group’s environmental impact minimization, please see our environmental impact strategy.