SWAT team incident tracking

The Client Request

A strategic tactical organization approached PCG to develop a SWAT team incident tracking database, asking us to add our development and networking experience to the creation of a distribution scenario by their application developer. Access to complete and reliable data was key to their effective reaction times in sensitive emergency situations.

Project Requirements
  • Access database programming
  • Contact management
  • Document tracking
  • Historical information collection
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Regulatory enforcement

The Challenge

The client needed a nationwide SWAT team incident tracking system to include the status and location of all personnel and equipment to ensure fast and accurate deployment of teams and supplies with a minimal one percent error rate. Ease of access to reliable and current data was critical to effective reaction times in this specialized industry providing emergency and security services. In addition, the project had a very tight schedule.


Languages / Database

The Phoenix Solution

Phoenix Consultants Group

Phoenix Consultants Group loves data! Developing applications for national distribution is one of PCG’s core strengths. 

We used our cross-platform expertise to develop an adaptive, turnkey solution to accommodate the many machines, platforms, and assemblages within the organization’s holdings. Also, the scope of personnel reporting was expanded to include duty status, training, scenarios, location, injuries, deaths, and more. In addition, all historical data was incorporated to improve analytics. 

Phoenix accomplished the client’s goals of fast turnaround and high degree of accurate information. Most critically, the agency reported a significant improvement to response times. It was an honor for PCG to support and help improve our national emergency services.

Company Size

Mid-Size Business