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Phoenix Consulting Group Now Accepts Shiba Inu

Northfield, NJ Nov 05, 2021—Phoenix Consultants Group is a software development company that specializes in decades of experience for custom programming, data management and custom web development announced today it will begin accepting payment in the SHIBA INU (Coin:SHIB).

Shiba Inu is a popular cryptocurrency coin that people use to buy, spend and trade as a community-driving token, the functionality of which includes a decentralized exchange.

CNN recently reported that Shiba Inu coin price hit a new record revealing it to be one of the most fast-growing commodities in history.  The coin was up an additional 30% in a 24-hour period and over 800% in a month.  The token which was launched last year has surged has a market value around $39 billion dollars.

Phoenix Consultants Group believes in helping innovative payment methods for software to increase the ability of 97% to excel at growing their businesses.  Shiba Inu is innovating towards moving the world to larger growth for the average individual.  Given there is no crypt-mining of Shiba Inu- the coin itself represents a substantial step in reducing environmental damage.

Although this is our first cryptocurrency that PCG will accept, more will be coming as time goes along.  In the last 10+ years, cryptocurrency has revolutionized how payments, services and business can change the world from the current system.  As more individuals shop online and as more companies move into a more competitive model, cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu will propel many economies forward.  Phoenix Consultants Group is on the forefront of that movement and continues to be a major innovator in new technology boundaries.

PCG is now accepting Shiba Inu for all services from our customers. We are starting with Shiba Inu as our first cryptocurrency and will be adding other cryptocurrencies as time goes on.

What is cryptocurrency? 

Cryptocurrency is a digital form of payment that allows you to buy goods and services in many companies and places.  Companies across the globe such as Tesla, AMC and others are beginning to shift to cryptocurrency as an additional medium of payment for their goods and services.    Cryptocurrencies can be purchased on sites such as CoinBase.com and many others.

Shiba InuShiba Inu is a token which has seen rapid growth in 2021.  As of this press release, Shiba Inu was trading as the 9th most popular token.

We hope to add other cryptocurrencies rather quickly and will announce them as they are added. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us today.