Mascots Ryne

Welcome Ryne

Welcome, Ryne!

Welcome Ryne The BunnyWe want to welcome the newest mascot to Phoenix Consultants Group, Ryne!  She’s an adorable lionhead bunny who loves to bring happy cuddles to our office.  She was born on May 1st, 2021 and, as of this writing, is 4 months old. Even though, she’s still young, she’s almost 10 inches long and about as big as she will ever get.  She joined us here at the Phoenix Consultants Group office on August 8th, where she’s been bouncing and exploring ever since.

When she first got here, she was very shy and wanted to stay hidden most of the day.  As her first month here came to an end, she’s had plenty of opportunities to explore, get to know everyone, and have some fun with the people in the office.  Ryne is very curious and absolutely loves to discover ways to get around and try to squeeze into places she shouldn’t go.  (Its okay!  The office has been bunny-proofed!)

Work and Play

Welcome Ryne The BunnyWhile we work, Ryne loves to play and check up on everyone throughout the day.  She has 3 balls made of different kinds of wood that she can chew on, and occasionally, a soft thump can be heard through the office when she grabs one and tosses it in the air, only to pounce on it shortly after and watch it as it rolls away.  Some of our consultants will roll the ball back to her and she’ll dash away as if it were a scary monster out to get her!  Given time, she’ll come back to it and show it who’s boss!

She absolutely loves feet.  No one can figure out why, but they make her happy.  Every so often, someone in the office will get their ankles tickled by Ryne’s whiskers as she curiously sniffs at their feet for 10 to 15 minutes at a time.  Or, if she’s feeling lonely or senses that one of us is having a tough time, she’ll cuddle up against or lay atop someone’s foot.

Ryne loves working with the consultants here at Phoenix Consultants Group as well.  Should she find herself in someone’s lap, she’s looking at the monitors or nosing and sniffing at the keyboard and mouse.

A Healthy Diet

At only 4 months old, she’s limited in what she can eat.  Timothy hay is a staple at Phoenix Consultants Group now and alfalfa hay is a temporary staple until she gets older.  If Ryne doesn’t have hay to chew on, she’s thumping her foot to let us know.  Occasionally, while we’re busy, those thumps come across to let everyone in the office know she’s out of hay or her dinner time was missed.  She gets vitamin enriched timothy pellets at 8 am for breakfast and again at 4 pm for supper.  And we’ve all been told not to miss those meals.  She lets everyone know at Phoenix Consultants Group that “cute” is in charge.

Once she gets older, she’ll be introduced to a variety of healthy bunny veggies: carrot tops, romaine lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and parsley to name a few, as well as a one or two fresh fruits a week.

On Being Cute

Ryne is adorable and she knows it.  And she’ll use it to her advantage every time.  Whether its showing those around the office who’s boss or just trying to help out, she lets us know she’s happy by running and bouncing up with a twist.  If she’s not up to running, she’ll give a soft wink and turn of the head, wiggling that cute little white nose and dart off.

Throughout the day, racing can be heard, as she runs around in circles and gets her exercise.  When she stops, she sits and watches the goings on, overseeing every step of the development process.

One day, she got into her winter hidey-hole and pulled the pillow out and blocked off the door.  Rattling could be heard as she rocked and shook it wildly.  Entirely happy, even after someone checked on her, she kept bouncing and shaking the hidey-hole for 10 minutes.

Once she’s finally relaxed, Ryne will press her paws out all the way forward and then wiggle her tail as she splays her hind legs out behind her.  She will relax and watch over the office as it is now her home, too, confident that everyone here will take care of her while she makes sure to take care of us in return.