Full Stack Development Process

Phoenix Consultants Group’s Full Stack Development Process.

What is Full Stack Development?

Full Stack DevelopmentFull stack development is an area of software creation that requires a developer to work on both the front end (client side) and back end (server-end) of the software application.

This can involve working on the database, API, server, and version controlling system of the application. At Phoenix Consultants Group, we have the in-depth knowledge of the software development cycle to create your application or data-driven website.

An important application or web project should not be left to amateurs, as the success of your software lies in the hands of the software engineers. At Phoenix Consultants Group, we have professionals in  these core areas who work as a team to achieve great results for you.

Our Full Stack Development Process:

In this article, we’ll take you through our unique full stack development process so you can see what sets us apart from other software development firms. 

It’s easy to mistake a full stack developer as a jack of all trades, but that’s usually not the case.  Full stack developers are skilled in all levels of the software development and hardware architecture processes.  From the setup of the server, the creation and management of the database to the programming and deployment of the front-end interface, a full stack developer will hold the expertise necessary to build the entire application.

Partnering with us for your software needs reduces the need to hire various types of developers, network administrators, hardware providers and database managers for your software application development as we’ve got all the resources and experience you will need for your project.

Let’s take a closer look at our full-stack development process and how it can benefit your organization.

Broadly speaking, full Stack development can be classified into two domains:

Front-end development:

Front end developmentThis is the visual section of the user interface or the Graphic User Interface (GUI) section of the software project. The front-end developers have the job of ensuring that appropriate visuals, content flow and data entry orders are implemented. This includes the overall layout, the interactions of the forms or pages, and the manner with which it is expected to be operated by the user, both for desktop and in the case of web-based applications the mobile layouts.

Our front-end programmers work with C#, VB.NET, VBA, Core 5, HTML, and JavaScript and we use these languages to professionally manage content as it appears on a desktop application or website so that it can be more productive to the user. We determine the data flows, form controls, functionality, form order, fonts, colors, positioning of texts and images, layouts. By partnering with our clients in the design process, we collaborate to create the best interface possible.  On the web-based applications, we determine what types of language is most effective, what controls should be chosen and how the forms or pages should integrate to provide the optimum and most productive user interface possible.

Back-end development:

Back end developmentBack-end development is one of the most important features of a Full Stack Development process.  This part of the process involves selecting the server type (Windows, Linux, etc), designing the data handling components, APIs, and hardware layers that are necessary.  In a rapid development environment, each step of our development effort ensures we can deliver top quality and secure back ends.

Our back-end developers use Windows and Linux servers, SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, .NET, Core 5 and several other database and programming languages to provide the best possible experience for our clients. We use these languages to create algorithms, logic, manipulate data received and return that data to the front-end.  Often times, we will incorporate specialty hardware that the user requires to bring about data from the hardware to the user database and front-end.

Our team at Phoenix Consultants Group are experts in the technical world of full stack development.  We engineer the front end and back end of software, manage the database systems and overall operating systems. We build all products from scratch and have over 35 years of experience to help us better understand how each technical layer interacts together.

Our developers and team work to provide excellent communication to our partnering clients, outside-the-box thinking, and the experience necessary to get your project completed efficiently and on budget.

Choosing us as your partner can greatly reduce your overall costs. If you need to hire separate developers for your front-end and back-end development, plus the hardware analysis, management and rental, the cost can be much more very expensive. We have an experienced team in all the technologies ready to help you build your website or application.

The Phoenix Consultants Group experience:

 We divide the work of development and design amongst our full stack team using an efficient model created by our CEO – Allison Woolbert. This process helps save time and valuable resources while improving the partnership between Phoenix Consultants Group and our clients to create their custom software. This way, the entire project develops simultaneously and saves our clients precious time and resources.

Regular updates and preventive maintenance:

We are always up to date when it comes to issues such as cutting-edge technology and tools in the full stack development space and we make these tools available for our clients as they unfold. We don’t just stop after the deployment of the software.  We work with our client’s long term to provide maintenance support, technical guidance and enhancements.  We partner long term so that you know that those who wrote the software can maintain it.

We design with scalability and security in mind. That way, the process of upgrading becomes a practically seamless one.

At Phoenix Consultants Group we ensure that every part of our clients’ system continues to run smoothly. We maintain our servers, networks and firewalls for many of our clients.  We put in carefully constructed security in all our products and ensure that we do not neglect vulnerabilities that could be exploited, particularly by cybercriminals.

In the decades of being in business, Phoenix Consultant Group has developed countless high-tech applications for clients from various industries. We never take adequate analysis, planning and communication for granted, and we realize the benefits of following best practices rather than trying to cut corners.

We create your unique code:

Our team at Phoenix Consultants Group will create solid and robust code that are completely unique to your particular project. No cookie cutter solutions for projects. That way, you have a solid product that will give you the best possible results.

Your custom software is made just for you, with the unique circumstances of your business in mind. We want you to stay relevant in today’s age as technology continues to improve and software becomes a critical tool within your organization.

 Integration of multiple tools to create an awesome user experience:

 Our full-stack development team has access to and is skilled in the use of various tech tools to create an interactive interface as well as back end solutions for end-users.

Version control or Debugging:

We use version control systems to manage the changes being made in the documents, computer programs, etc.

You can be confident that we have all the resources and manpower to handle your entire software project from the conception of the idea to the actual finished product.

If our client isn’t completely sure of what is needed, all they have to do is mention what the problem is, and we’ll partner with them to create a solid solution.

Once we have agreed on a plan, we immediately get to work and partner with you throughout the entire development process. We can make adjustments or changes that are required as we work towards producing the final version of the software product.

We never become complacent or overlook the testing of our product before deployment. Rather, we continue to test and improve the system until it yields excellent and robust results.

Phoenix Consultants Group:

We have over three decades of hands on experience in both front end and back end software development. We have completed over 500 projects that have resulted in fantastic results for our clients. Your development project could be our next project that results in increasing your productivity and profitability!

Contact us today to book a consultation where we can talk through your business needs and evaluate your next step to determine the right solution to move your business forward.