The Client Request

An Environmental Soil Remediation company needed to convert hundreds of spreadsheets to an Access database to accurately track the removal of contaminated Superfund soil.  Using  extensive testing results from each plotted area, an estimate of the  depth of contamination to be removed for remediation was required.  Additionally, the client was required to provide  formal government reports on every step of the process of removing the soil. 

Project Requirements
  • Depth Analysis of Soil
  • Recording of Soil Removal Amounts and Tracking of Removed Soil
  • Chain of Custody Documentations Tracking

The Challenge

This very stringent regulation-controlled program was developed to insure the proper removal of heavily contaminated Superfund site soil.  The hundreds of spreadsheets had to be imported, formulas created and ultimately store the data for further analytical programming.  Matrices information detailing every square foot of the Superfund site had to be created, measured, monitored, tracked, reported to govt. agencies with chain of custody tracking.

Languages / Database

The Phoenix Solution

Phoenix Consultants Group

Our solution created an empirical database of every square foot of the Superfund site with complete remediation data and tracking.  Our system enabled the documentation and proof of removal and full remediation accreditation data to various government agencies that required certified results from this company. 

Company Size

Small Business