Cyberwar – America at War- Part 1 – The State Sponsors

CyberwarAmerica at War- Part 1: Most people think that to be in a war we need to have soldiers on the ground, firing at an enemy across some line where we trade missiles, bombs, rockets, mortars and gun fire in the hopes of forcing the other side to either surrender or die in the attempt.  That is not the way this war works.  We don’t have any footage of a missile going into a bunker, or a truck being blown up on a bridge.  We don’t have reporters embedded with units traveling with them as bullets ring past their positions.  That doesn’t mean that we aren’t in a war.  It just means most people are completely unaware of the battlefield and how it personally affects their everyday lives.

Last week, Dan Coats the Director of Intelligence said the red flashing lights are blinking concerning the Cyberwar that we are in with Russia.  He stated that the warnings were equivalent to a 9/11 warning that we received.  Let that sink in for a moment.  WE ARE AT A WARNING LEVEL WITHIN THE US GOVT. INTELLIGENCE SERVICES SIMILAR TO WHEN WE WERE ATTACK ON 9/11.  Unfortunately, this isn’t radical thinking, nor is it apocalyptic warnings.  This is the reality that we live in today- we are in a Cyberwar and most people are oblivious that it’s happening or what to do about it.

The story of Russian election hacking is now on the news daily.  But that is just one of the salvos that were fired in this war.  It was a direct hit as if someone had dropped a nuclear warhead right on Washington DC and it’s having the same exact effect as a nuke.  The contamination is real.  The destruction is real.  The massive damage is real.  No matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, this war matters and the damage is catastrophic.

Russia is producing silent but deadly attacks daily on US infrastructures, banks, utilities, companies, stock market and political parties and they are escalating and winning.  They are bits of code that infiltrate our nation, torch our computers and destroy our systems. They are social media attacks that are with fake accounts with false reports.  Russia doesn’t need to launch their army into our neighborhoods to undermine and launch a salvo into an enemy stronghold.

Yesterday one political party decided not to give the supplies to the soldiers on the front lines who are fighting this cyberwar.  Instead of increasing the spending to protect the US elections that are under the largest attack on US soil ever in history, they stripped the bill of the money.  It’s not about party- it’s about supporting out defenders of our country against an overwhelmingly better funded opponent.

This is not about political party or affiliations.  This is about being an American during a time when our country is under a steady increase of deadly cyberattacks against our way of life.