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Hard drive backups

HELP! My Hard Drive Ate My WORK FILES!

Backing up your computer is one of the most important tasks in today’s technology era.  We keep everything from family pictures to super sensitive information (correspondence, passwords, financial and legal documents, etc.) on our computers that if lost could be devastating.  It is important to recognize that at any point a hard drive can be […]


Reworking your Office Software after the Pandemic

After the pandemic, most workplaces are going to have a whole new series of tasks that have to be tracked and managed.  From cleaning off surfaces to social distancing to who is in the office on what day, each of these transitional tasks will need some sort of monitoring and tracking to see what performance […]


Tips to Maximize Video Conference Quality for You and Others

Clean Bandwidth is critical to a successful web video conference:   Over time,  streaming video has improved dramatically. Compression algorithms have enabled the video signal feeds to become more compact as time has progressed.  However, video still takes up a huge amount of bandwidth to be able to run.  The ability to use the maximum bandwidth […]


Cyber Warfare – The Coming Computer Software Storm

As a custom computer software developer and partner in a computer software development firm, the recent reports from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on the current cyber-war are quite a concern for those of us doing business on the internet.  If you have a website or have any dealings over the internet that is important to […]


Your Electronics and the Wikileaks CIA Information

As a technology firm, Phoenix Consultants Group looks deeply at any releases that could compromise computer systems or personal electronics.  The recent technical information provided by Wikileaks is astounding, to say the least, as to the unknown infiltration into technology that has been developed through many of these programs.  It is safe to say that […]

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