Your Electronics and the Wikileaks CIA Information

As a technology firm, Phoenix Consultants Group looks deeply at any releases that could compromise computer systems or personal electronics.  The recent technical information provided by Wikileaks is astounding, to say the least, as to the unknown infiltration into technology that has been developed through many of these programs.  It is safe to say that there isn’t an electronic device in the world that isn’t being monitored/hacked or utilized by the US Govt. at this point.  Even encrypted applications like Signal, encrypted email and other applications have been circumvented and hacked.

Here are a few programs that are specified to being a constant hijack:  VLC Player, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Kaspersky anti-virus, McAffee anti-virus, Sophos anti-virus, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Libre Office, Notepad++, Skype, Sandisk Drives, 7-zip portable, Portable Linux systems.

It goes without saying that this isn’t even close to being a complete list.  This is simply one document out of 9000 is showing data of what has been subverted for covert use by the CIA.

The CIA has a mission to protect the American public and country.  At the same time, abuse of govt. authority is at an all-time high.  Phoenix Consultants Group suggests that you consider carefully any electronic data you send or receive.