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Our Industrial Safety Projects

Protecting workers has been a solid priority for Phoenix Consultants Group.  Our CEO grew up in a copper mining town, where nothing was more important than making sure that the safety of the workers and the residents of the small town were protected.  Her indoctrination into the principles of industrial safety in her youth carried over when she began working in the creation of software for many different industries.  From OSHA training to tracking the licensing of pesticide manufacturers, distributors, applicators, and Material Safety Data Sheet production, Phoenix has been involved and dedicated to the protection of workers. 

Everything we do is based on helping our clients gain the most productive and streamlined software and websites to ultimately produce business growth through intelligent software solutions. With over three decades of experience in a variety of industries, Phoenix Consultants Group has served hundreds of clients – large, small, nonprofit, and start-up. Guided by our clients’ product vision, our team utilizes the latest tools (such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, .NET, Core & Razor Cloud solutions, and SQL Server) to implement Rapid Software Development to create the best performance and interfaces to capture and analyze and protect your valuable data.