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Our Non Profit Services Projects

Non-profit services are the backbone of today’s social safety net and so many societal care actions.  From running food banks to ensuring life-saving organs are delivered on time, non-profits are the ones that can and do carry out a panoply of missions that are critical for our society

At Phoenix Consultants Group, we’ve worked with many non-profits that serve various segments of society. From clearing houses to disaster volunteers to organizations seeking to identify and prevent murders, Phoenix has been right there working with their data systems to help them grow and meet their organizational and mission goals. By understanding the role of the non-profit and how their budgetary constraints and organizations operate, we have been able to achieve some remarkable results in enhancing their overall effectiveness.

At Phoenix Consultants Group, we recognize that we must give back to our community and non-profits to make a better society. Toward that goal, we encourage our staff to spend time each year on projects that can make society a more just and equitable place to live. Over the years, we have created projects to support the missions of many organizations and dedicated our resources and volunteers to help when an opportunity arises.  We vet the non-profits to ensure our time and resources are going towards a truly viable cause where it can do the maximum good possible.

Some of our time and resources have been allocated to stop the murder of minority people as well responding to needs during the Covid outbreak in getting news portals available for communities to group together and share collectively with a centralized hub for real-time information.  Non-profits are a critical need for all communities and Phoenix is gratified when we can contribute some support.