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Our Manufacturing Software Projects

Creating and understanding a manufacturing company’s process flow is critical to building any custom software package.  At Phoenix Consultants Group, we have built many custom manufacturing software systems that enhance and maintain the proper processes and safety of manufacturing a product.  From the raw materials to the final production and distribution, we understand the criticality that each step requires to monitor, create and deliver your products. Our software is designed, developed, and deployed to make our clients’ work more productive and more profitable. We excel at providing technical software solutions that other companies could not or would not step up to create.  Our Portfolio of Projects provides insight into the many industries we have partnered with to create the custom software manufacturing software that our clients require.

Blended with our understandings of environmental safety, Industrial Safety, and Regulatory Compliance experience, Phoenix Consultants Group is a rock-solid choice to design, develop, deliver and deploy your custom manufacturing software needs.  Our unique and direct software development process ensures we can program to facilitate your specific manufacturing process flow and requirements.  Whether you produce flags, food, medical instruments, or print-house media, our diverse experience will bring out perfect and attainable results for you.

Rest assured, when you hire Phoenix Consultants Group, you are engaging a multidisciplined creative team that is committed to tackling one of the biggest challenges businesses face: software and websites that optimize efficiencies, processes, and data management. We go beyond traditional means of developing your software by carefully identifying priorities, ensuring data collection is streamlined, keeping the critical path processes as our target, and then develop a solution that meets and exceeds those needs. Leveraging Rapid Software Development practices, we create a cost-efficient and long-term system for your growth and profitability.


We Help With Your Manufacturing Project

    Phoenix Consultants Group is proud to be based in New Jersey and create our software in the US. You can be confident that the people you engage with are the people that do your work.