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Our Health Care Projects

Managing the health care of thousands of patients and thousands of staff requires expert software to monitor and direct many of the tasks.  From scheduling appointments, insuring medications are delivered to the right person, tracking staff engagements with patients, admitting and releasing patients can be a challenge for any organization.  In some cases, specialized processes are required so a combination of materials, medications and staffing is ready at all times.  Phoenix Consultants Group has excelled at providing tracking systems, billing systems, scheduling systems as well as overall management systems to providers.  Whether it was tracking patient billing, appointments, or calls that had to be made, our custom software systems insured accurate and safe management of health care organizations.

Critical Services

Critical services require absolute accuracy of data.  We have built query engines, reporting engines, streamlined forms, and assured security of data for every health care product we have designed, developed, delivered, and deployed.  No shortcuts are acceptable when working with the health of patients and staff.  There can never be a gap in the accuracy that is required to get it right the first time for every record. 

HIPPA Compliance

When building health care systems, a well-established priority is the data confidentiality of each and every person required by HIPPA and other regulations.  When we build systems, we recognize the importance of maintaining data information security and a need to know across the entire database and custom software package.  Health care systems recently have come under attack from ransomware companies, outside data thieves, and troubling internal threats at times.  Software and database information security is a critical factor that must be maintained continuously.  From monitoring non-compromisable password systems to access only when required, Phoenix Consultants Group knows how to secure your data and your systems.


We Help With Your Health Care Project

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