Publishing Project for Technical Industrial Volume Book Management System

The Client Request

Having to manage multiple-volume internationally utilized technical and industrial research books from an old database and hand-written form tracking system, this client sought a single solution product to manage 5 separate publications (85% of their total product base).  The Technical Industrial Volume Book Management System was required to interface with hundreds of employees, tens of thousands of data point investigations and produce a CD-ROM and ultimately create an extensive multi-volume encyclopedia / dictionary styled book


Project Requirements
  • Gather all data required from 100,000 plus sources and compile data for each type of encyclopedia
  • Track all points of contact between sources for data, dates of contact, recontact, and verification data
  • Categorize up to 50 levels deep with branches of over 1000+ levels each for technical / industry-specific facts.
  • Error review criteria process
  • Work with editors, writers, research/data investigators, proof-readers, IT staff and managerial staff
  • Gather all requirements for 5 separate and independent technical industrial specific volumed books
  • Database architectures
  • Streamlined dynamically created data entry forms
  • Security management of users and cross data utilization
  • High-level reporting

The Challenge

Taking on a wildly late-starting Y2K remediation multi-pronged project required tripling PCG staff, including developers, business and systems analysts, database administrators, and networking engineers.  Daily schedules, managing hundreds of moving parts across multiple platforms to consolidate all products into a single Book Management System was daunting.  Within 8 months, PCG gathered business specifications, analyzed multi-facet different legacy database systems, provided analysis and design, developed and deployed an entirely new system. Another large challenge was maintaining scheduling of data research to a full audit trail of documenting the data results of millions of records from five huge multi-volume dictionaries of technical info.  Finally, the book management system needed to accurately report the production of electronic and print volumes that were on deadline for publication.

Languages / Database

The Phoenix Solution

Phoenix Consultants Group

Producing a single management internal interface that enabled our development team to rapidly manage millions of records, track the results through a modifiable and growth interface and build a hard copy product was our forte. We responded with a dynamic book management system that could create forms through basic SQL queries, display, edit, track and manage massive amounts of data.  From the security model to the data collection points to scheduling verifications to final product, Phoenix Consultants delivered an interface and pathway to a successful short-term project.

Company Size

Fortune 500
Distribution of > 1 Million Copies per Set